Saturday, January 29, 2005

Baby it's cold outside 

Atlanta is a big ole ice skating rink right now. The ice storm came in last night and covered everything in a thin sheet of slippery ice. It looked as if things were starting to melt off just a little bit this afternoon, but then the temperature must have dipped because everything froze right back up again.

This happened right about this time in 2000, too. We were fresh off the hypersensitivity of "Y2K" and then on to "The Ice Storm of 2000." The good thing about it, is that those of us who bought the extra batteries and water and groceries getting ready for Y2K, actually got to use some of those supplies during the ice storm.

Back then, my roommate and I lost electricity and the temperature in our apartment had dipped to the mid 50's. Having grown up in a house where the only source of heat was a fire place, this was something I was used to. However my roommate was acting like she was going to die of hypothermia. We found out that some friends of ours had electricity, so we packed up an overnight bag and slowly crept to their house.

Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to get into the 40's or 50's so the ice will all melt off and hustle and bustle of life will prevail, but until then I will camp out on my couch with my cats and occasionally revel in the silence of the slower paced life that this ice storm has brought us.



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