Sunday, January 23, 2005

Jazz and the Color of the Sky 

I wish I could describe to you the color of the sky this evening. It was absolutely breathtaking. I walked out of the bookstore shortly after the sun had gone to bed and noticed how the graduated colors of blue were just exquisite.

I stopped for a minute to take in the beauty of the Atlanta skyline. I'll admit - I haven't seen that many skylines in my life, but of those I have seen, Atlanta's is my favorite. Some nights it's almost as if there are fireflys circling around her as the planes going to the airport await their turn to land.

I turned to walk to my car and the full moon smiled down at me, and I up at her. "Hello, Gorgeous!" I said under my breath. I think she winked at me as if to say, "Back atcha, babe!"

Jazz music is playing in my head as I drive through the dark streets to my home. A piano, a bass and a saxophone serenade me and act as a soundtrack to this beautiful evening. I can't help but laugh quietly at myself as once again think of my life like a movie.

Yes, there are things that are horrible in this world. Things that appall us and make us want to cry, or scream, or both. However, it is evenings like this when the beauty of a simple stroll to my car and drive home help me remember how good my life really is.

{Music swells and then fades as the writer is sitting at her desk smiling to herself.}



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