Saturday, January 15, 2005

Long time no blog! 

Yeah...I know that anyone who was keeping up with my blog has probably totally given up on me. Sorry about that! I was a sickly girl this week and there was so much snot in my head, that I fear it took up the brain space that would have thought of something profound or funny or even remotely interesting to write. While I still have copious amounts of snot in my head, it has decreased enough to let me have a thought other than, "If I could breathe through something other than my mouth, I would be a happy woman."

I am preparing to move. I dislike moving. I dislike everything associated with moving. When I moved into this apartment 2 years ago, I promised myself that the next time I moved 2 things would be going on: 1. I would be moving into my own house and 2. I would have budgeted money for big burly movers to come in and do the work for me.

Well, I am moving into a house, just not my house. I'm moving in with a very generous friend of mine. Also, I do have movers coming to the house, however they are my friends and relatives coming to my rescue, yet again, and none of them could be described as big or burly. Poor Jef. Of all of my friends helping me with this move, he has known me the longest (with the exception of my sister, of course!) and therefore has seen me through all but just a couple of my moves. This move will be no exception.

When I was in college, I gave my friend Jonathan an address book for a going away gift when he was going to New Hampshire for the summer. Allegedly he still has that same address book and he claims that whenever MTV shows up to film my "Behind the Music" special, that they should contact him because he can tell them exactly every place I lived since college. I'm told that I take up at least 2 pages, front and back, in said address book.

Jef came over and we did the "Pre-move purging." No, we did not eat until we threw up, however we did go through a lot of my stuff and threw stuff away and made a Goodwill pile.

One of the funniest moments of the day is when he picked up a very non-descript cloth bag from the table beside my bed. I noticed he was slightly squeezing it to see if he could discern what it was.

"Where does this need to go?"

I looked up, bit my lip and replied, "Um, just set it there on the bed and I'll put it away."

"What is it?"

Very softly I replied, "My vibrators."

"What did you say, Joan?"

"My vibrators!"

He quit squeezing the bag, set it down on the bed and said, "You know, it's good that we are as close as we are otherwise this would have been very embarrassing!"

He's right. Although I would have preferred that he not have found my non-descript bag, it really didn't bother me that he knew I had it.

The squeezing part, though? That kinda weirded me out...



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