Sunday, January 30, 2005

One Day At A Time 

I was watching TV last night and heard a blurb on CBS that they are doing a "One Day At A Time" reunion show. I doubted that I heard correctly, so I eagerly anticipated the next time the ad was shown, and sure enough, I had heard correctly!


When I was growing up, I LOVED this show. It was about a single Mom and her 2 teenaged girls and their trials and tribulations. I guess I identified with the show because I was a teenaged girl living with her single Mom.

I loved Valerie Bertinelli who played Barbara on the show. I thought she was so pretty. She was one of those girls that I wanted to be like. When she married Eddie Van Halen (not on the show, but in real life) I was over the moon! I LOVED Eddie Van Halen.

About the same time was when "The Facts of Life" was on. I loved that show as well. I wanted to be Nancy McKeon who played "Jo." She was a tomboy and had street smarts - she was just too cool!

Finally, who can forget Melissa Gilbert in "Little House on the Prairie?" I watched that show religiously. I had read all of the books and was not disappointed with the adaptation of the show on TV. I wasn't exactly crazy about Melissa Gilbert until she started growing up, basically because she was a goofy looking kid. However once she started growing up and began her relationship with "Manly," I was hooked.

Now that I'm older, if there is anything on TV that stars Valerie Bertinelli, Nancy McKeon, or Melissa Gilbert, I HAVE to watch it. I don't care how sappy the Lifetime movie is, I'm there from beginning to end. The only exception is that weekly drama that Nancy McKeon was in where she played a drunk. I just couldn't stand seeing my childhood hero in that situation! At least with the Lifetime movies, things usually have a happy ending!

Isn't it funny how the people in shows we watched as a kid affect us so much? What TV show and/or actor from your childhood did you admire? Why?



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