Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Random Musings 

I'm sitting at my desk in my totally quiet apartment listening to the rumbling of thunder in the distance. There is something very comforting about it, which is really ironic since I used to be so scared of storms as a kid.

Whenever I am especially stressed out, I will have dreams of being in a tornado. If you were to ask me what my biggest fear is, it would be tornadoes. I grew up in Texas and very fortunately, never had to be in one. I was always close, but never actually in the midst of one. I guess it's the lack of control that a person has when they are in a tornado that makes it so scary for me. It's all up to chance on if your house will be picked up and thrown around, or if the tornado will jump over your house and demolish your neighbor's house.

I also find that I am drawn to those documentaries on The Weather Channel about tornadoes. I'll be flipping channels and see a tornado go by and back up to watch the show.

When I was a kid in Texas, my family and I at a house on top of a mesa. It was after dark and there was a storm coming towards us. In Texas, you can see storms many miles before they actually are over you. We were sitting outside watching this wonderful light show of lightening that nature was giving us. Someone had turned on some classical music that seemed to be a soundtrack of the lightening. It was really amazing to see and still sticks in my mind to this day.


I was talking to a friend of mine today who said that he never jacked off until after he was out of high school. I was incredulous!!! I thought that all guys did that as soon as they figured out that their penis could be used for something other than peeing. We don't talk about it as much, but women that I know do the same thing. What are your thoughts on the subject?


How cool to have received a lovely letter from JC today! Thank you, JC! I am glad that the internet brought you into my life, too!


I have added two additions to my blogroll. Sam over at "Madlife" took a hiatus for a while and has decided to start blogging again. Welcome back, Sam! Sam is from Texas and shares with his readers his thoughts on just about everything in addition to the trials and tribulations of being a young gay man in the world.

Thomas over at "Heads or Tales" is a very talented writer in my opinion. In addition to everyday posts about life, love and the pursuit of happiness, he throws in some very hot and saucy erotic tales from time to time. Ladies - Thomas LOVES women and women's bodies. Your eyes might burn from the heat that comes from his stories! Whew!


I went to see "Finding Neverland" this evening. Oh! What a beautiful and sweet story. The boy that played Peter was just amazing and he made me cry. If you haven't seen it yet, I give it two very enthusiastic thumbs up.


I was talking to my oldest friend on the phone today. We are incredibly different, but I love her dearly. I admire her for many reasons that are too numerous to name here. She mentioned today that she didn't think that I thought good things of her when we were growing up. She didn't say it in a whiney way, as that's definitely not her way, but rather in a matter-of-fact way. That made me sad because as much as I hate to admit it, when we were teenagers, I didn't think very good things of her.

Looking back now I see that a lot of it probably had to do with my being jealous of her. She had qualities then that I still struggle to attain for myself today. She never gave a damn what people thought of her. She always knew what she wanted, went after it and attained it. She knew she was worthy of all the good things that came her way.

Andrea - please forgive my younger self for the things she thought. Please know that I admire you and that I love you. I'm so glad that you have been my friend for almost 30 years and I look forward to many, many more years.


Sex and the City is coming on so I'm off to check in on Carrie and the girls. I hope you have a great rest of the week!


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