Monday, February 07, 2005

Shout Out's! 

Sure, you see all of my favorite blogs over there in the sidebar, but I'd like to tell you a little bit about why I like them and find them interesting. Check 'em out! Leave them a comment and tell them I sent you!

Beastmomma is the blog of the saucy JC. She is of Indian heritage and it's always interesting how she tackles dating in her own way, despite the urgings of her parents to hurry up and meet someone to marry.

Big White Guy is the blog of a Big White Guy from Canada living in Hong Kong with his beloved wife Mabel. It's interesting to see how unique Hong Kong is, as well as how similar they are. He's also a great photographer!

Cult of Jef is what my friend Jef calls his blog. He is an excellent writer and has a very unique view of the world. It's always fun to read what is on his mind. I've known him for 17 years and I'm still amazed at what his mind comes up with!

Dooce is a really hilarious woman telling stories about her life with her husband, baby girl and dog. Although I really enjoy her funniness, my favorite posts are the ones she writes to her daughter. The last one I read left me in tears - kinda like a Hallmark commercial.

Ladybugeeb is the blog of ErinB of N.O. She is very insightful on many subjects and for some reason, always makes me think of lyrics to songs. Currently she is sharing with her readers about her experiences being a part of Mardi Gras!

My nephew belongs to the blog called "Lost Somewhere In Texas" (aka Lost...Where Am I?). Should I be alarmed that my nephew doesn't know where he is? Probably not since he's currently a full time student and pretty much working full time, too. I'll begin to worry when he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. I believe he still has that knowledge.

One of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet in the blogosphere is MrBob at "Just A Middle Aged Guy." He's a former "man in blue" who blogs about his thoughts about all sorts of things. One of the many things I love best about him is that he comments on people's comments to him.

I started reading "Picklejuice" because I felt like I had to like a blog that is the name of my favorite hang over recipe. However I've continued reading Natalie's blog because she's really clever and witty and sometimes makes me want to cry.

Ramblings of a Redhead is the blog of my beautiful, talented and sweet Sister. (Can you tell I love her just a little?) She writes a lot of funny stuff, and occasionally posts some pictures. However, when she really shines is when she is writing her stories or poems. Our Mom would be so proud! I know I am!

Lujza is the author of "Thoughts of Mine." She is a lovely, overworked, and underpaid Canadian woman. Not only does she have her own business that she runs from home, but she is a stay at home Mom...AND she still finds time to blog! Amazing!

Written Inc. is the writings and pictures of Carmi Levy. He is a professional writer and his writing really draws you in. He's got a great eye for photography as well. He's from Canada, and I'm not sure what is is about me and Canadians! ;-) By the way, he has Gmail invites to share. Just comment on his blog!

Yayaempress is a good Louisiana girl that moved to New York City. She writes about her life and links to fun and odd things, and is the #1 cheerleader for her husband's improvisation group, "Quiet Library."

These are my friends, (and I do consider them my friends) and they are all wonderful and special in their own way. Give them a visit, comment on their posts and tell them I sent you!



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