Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Gift from Isabelle 

I woke up this morning feeling very groggy. I almost talked myself out of going to church. However I might be going out of town for Easter, so I wanted to make sure I made it to church for Palm Sunday.

I got to church kind of late and sat at the back in a chair. A few minutes later a woman holding a soundly sleeping toddler came in and she sat next to me. This child was so beautiful! She was that gorgeous color that is created when your Momma is white and your Daddy is black.

During the service the newly created Children's Choir performed for the first time in front of the congregation. After they did their debut song, they were joined by the Adult Choir and sang "When You Believe" from the movie "The Prince of Egypt." It was so beautiful that there was not a dry eye in the house and the whole congregation sprung to their feet when the song was over.

I looked down and a tiny little slip of a girl was standing in front of me smiling. She had brown hair that was cut in what I used to call a "Prince Valiant." She had a glowing face and a beautiful smile with a lovely missing tooth. She presented a piece of paper to me and I asked, "For me?" I took it and thanked her and she ran back to where she was sitting.

On this paper are several stickers of horses. Two of them have feathers in their manes. One has a first prize ribbon on it. Still another is eating an apple. Amongst all of the horse stickers were happy face stickers. The best part was a very carefully written "Isabelle" in brown magic marker.

We went into the closing prayer and song and I could not stop crying. What a beautiful and unexpected gift I had been given! After the service was over, I went over to where the girl was sitting and thanked Isabelle again. I was starting to ask her if I could hug her, and before the sentence was out of my mouth, she had her arms up and ready to embrace me. Her Mom introduced herself and in turn introduced me to her partner, who is Isabelle's other Mom. I told this couple what a beautiful job they were doing raising their daughter, thanked Isabelle again and made my way out of the sanctuary.

...and to think I almost didn't go to church today and receive this beautiful and wonderful gift!

I hope your Sunday is going wonderfully and that you are receiving unexpected gifts as well!


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