Tuesday, April 12, 2005

101 Things About ME! 

Yes, I've finally done this! I've had my blog for what - 1 1/2 years now? ;-)

1. My name is Joan
2. My name is pronounced “Jo Ann” even though it’s spelled J-O-A-N
3. I am named after my paternal Grandmother
4. My sister is the lovely and talented “Red” over at “Ramblings of a Redhead”
5. My nephew is the lovely and talented “Eric” of “Lost Somewhere in Texas”
6. I live in Smyrna, GA
7. Which is a ‘burb of Atlanta, GA
8. I spent the first 29 years of my life in Texas
9. I have a beautiful 17-year-old female cat named Fred.
10. No, Fred is not short for anything
11. I have a lovely and spirited 4 year old cat named Shelby
12. She used to be my former roommate’s cat
13. One of my absolute bestest friends is “Jef” of “Cult of Jef”
14. We’ve known each other since we were 20
15. For a short while, I was one of his supervisors when we worked at Target
16. For a very long while he was my indirect supervisor when we worked in insurance
17. I didn’t realize this until recently, but I’m the only one that calls his partner “2F”
18. Everyone else calls him “2F’s” or Jeff
19. I love music of all kinds, except maybe Gangsta Rap.
20. I used to be a music store manager
21. It was my favorite job ever, but paid diddly squat
22. I had to choose between a job that I loved and paying bills
23. Paying bills won
24. I have worked almost non stop since I was 11
25. …that is until I was fired from my last job 1/23/04
26. My first job was as an “inserter” at the newspaper my Mom worked at
27. That meant putting ad papers inside the newspaper manually
28. It was a small town bi-weekly newspaper.
29. My mom was Assistant Editor of the newspaper
30. I used to make out at the newspaper with boys when I worked on Saturdays
31. Then I would go to the skating rink Saturday nights and make out with more boys
32. My friend Jonathan and I refer to that as my “Sluts on Skates” period
33. “Sluts on Skates” was sung to the tune of Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film”
34. I could never skate backwards
35. But I could skate forward like nobody’s business!
36. The first time I wore a tampon was one night when I went to the skating rink
37. Women – I was trying to take out my first ever tampon at a skating rink – ON SKATES!!!
38. I almost had to have one of my friends come in the stall and help me
39. It really hurt!
40. I didn’t use tampons again until I was in my 20’s
41. I lost my virginity when I was 17 going on 18
42. Some girlfriends and I went to Port Aransas, TX after graduation
43. I met a guy named Robert who worked at the Hershey Hotel in Corpus Christi
44. He came to pick me up in a white stretch limousine
45. We drove on the beach in the limo
46. We stopped and walked hand in hand under the moon in the waves
47. No, I’m not kidding!
48. The next night he came back to see me and “deflowered” me
49. He wore 2 condoms – AT THE SAME TIME!
50. No, I’m not kidding!
51. I once had an online/phone affair with a married man
52. I even met him once when he had a lay over on a business trip
53. We made out in my car
54. If his lay over had been any longer, we would have done much more
55. I’m so glad his lay over was not longer
56. I am ashamed that I did that and would NEVER do it again
57. My favorite colors are turquoise, purple and yellow
58. I was drum major of my high school band my senior year
59. I dated a guy my senior year that had the exact same birthday as I did
60. He was the sweetest guy I had ever known
61. We used to joke that we were twins separated at birth because we were both tall with dark hair
62. He went to the same school I did when we were in Elementary school
63. He moved to a neighboring town but we kept in touch
64. He was captain of his school’s football team
65. I said something ugly about him to someone else just as he walked in the room
66. That ended the relationship – both romantic and friend
67. I still feel guilty about that sometimes
68. I LOVE Tex-Mex food
69. I miss being able to see for miles and miles like you can in Texas
70. I also really miss seeing windmills
71. I grew up in small town and I’m very thankful for that
72. However I’m glad I live in a big city now
73. My 20 year high school reunion is this August
74. I went to the North Texas State University
75. It’s now called the University of North Texas
76. I had some of the best and worst times of my life there
77. After my sophomore year, I was asked to leave with a 1.8 gpa
78. I went to Tarrant County Junior College a couple of years after that
79. It’s now called Tarrant County College, I think
80. I left there when I ran out of money and time with a 3.5 gpa
81. I was glad I was able to prove to myself that I was not dumb
82. I am not nor have I ever been married
83. I would like to be married someday
84. I’ve pretty much realized that I am not going to have children
85. I’m OK with that
86. I’m a good sister, aunt, step-aunt, sister-in-law, step daughter and friend
87. Hopefully someday I’ll be a step mom and step grandma
88. I was a good daughter to my parents when they were alive
89. Not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination – but good
90. I’m lucky to have a man who calls me his “Other Daughter”
91. He was my boss when I was 15-18 and we still keep in touch
92. I worked in his ice cream shop and delicatessen
93. He taught me about not making excuses when you’ve done something wrong
94. He also gave me a second chance when others wouldn’t
95. He also taught me about blue grass and country music
96. …and really corny jokes
97. My mom was cremated and didn’t tell us what to do with her ashes
98. One Christmas, my sister, nephew and I took her ashes on vacation with us to Key West.
99. Really! I have the pictures to prove it!
100. I consider the people I’ve met through my blog to be my friends
101. Thank you friends, for reading this!



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