Wednesday, April 27, 2005


...that has been my thought after everything I have been doing at my new job!


Let me tell you, after not working for 15 months, I am the most thankful and appreciative employee in the world! On my first day, they gave all the newbies a back pack, koozie, pencil, paper weight and a hard back book on the history of the company, and I almost started crying, I was so happy!

I've completed 3 whole days at work and I've almost got where the bathroom, the breakroom and my desk are in relation to each other. I've personalized the wallpaper on my computer, created my outgoing email signature, personalized my voicemail message and made a list of what things from home I want to bring up to work. I'm also the first of the newbies to order my supplies for my desk, which means I got the last 2 hole punch and the rest will have to wait until an order comes in. I have commented out loud to no one in particular how happy I am to be able to look out a window from my desk and I've participated in my first fire drill with my new employer.

To say that I am a happy woman would be an understatement!


I don't know when I'm going to come off my cloud, and quite frankly, I hope I don't for a long, long time. I hope you'll forgive me while I gush about how freakishly happy I am to be employed!


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