Sunday, April 10, 2005

Post-Church Prose 

Unplug my heart
Let the pain flow forth
Until it is diluted and
As clear as water

Sometimes we feel the pain
Will overwhelm us - like
Drowning in a vast ocean
With no one to hear our cries

However our cries are heard
Even before they are uttered


So many times I want so badly to be validated by others - but yet I do not seek validation from myself, or rather I do not believe my own validation is enough.

The validation that I feel within myself is at the core, validation from God. That deep knowing - that sense of good or bad - right or wrong - yes or no.

Since that is the case, then why am I so resistant to accepting validation from myself (and thus accepting it from God) and not worrying about anyone else? How dare I think that the validation of God is not good enough?

This is something that I must really think about.

****DISCLAIMER**** These are only my thoughts. If what I say makes you think about the question for your own self, then wonderful. If you disagree with me, then that is good as well.


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