Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Rough Draft of my Random Thoughts 

Sitting outside a burrito joint
Listening to trendy music du jour
Watching a tattooed man tattoo the walls
The smell of patchouli on the air
From the Rastafarian guy who is sitting
And eating with 2 other guys
Sun playing peek-a-boo
Behind soft fluffy clouds
Sun shining warmly on my skin
Making my eyes squint with the brightness
A woman sitting under an umbrella
Reading and drinking a beer
A bird perched in the tree above me
Orating on some bird topic
Or maybe just saying, "Hey! I'm here!"
Loud laughter coming from the trio of men
As stories are shared and "one-upped"
For some reason I feel more creative here
Is it the Mona Lisa with her smirk
Holding a Margarita as she stares down on the courtyard?
Who knows?

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