Friday, April 15, 2005

Where is MrBob? 

I have a friend named MrBob that I met via blogging. He is a retired police officer and tells some really heart wrenching stories of some of the horrors that he had to face when he was an active duty officer.

In addition, he tells great stories about his life and about how things in the news bother or amuse him. On top of that, he comments on the comments that he receives thereby acknowledging the writer and what they had to say. In addition, when he comments on someone else's blog, he is always very kind and caring and often very humorous.

MrBob's last post was on April 4. MrBob rarely goes more than a day or so without blogging. MrBob has 25 comments on his last blog that he has not commented on. MrBob is not answering my emails, and from the looks of it from my fellow commenters on his blog, he's not answering anyone else's either.

Isn't it interesting that I have this person in my life that I've never met face to face that is worrying me (and many others) so much? He's shared a part of his life with me and I'm touched by that, and therefore I truly do consider him (and many other people who's blogs I read) my friend.

MrBob - I pray that you and your family are OK. Please write again soon.

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