Sunday, May 22, 2005

Morning has broken 

It's a lovely Sunday morning at Casa de Joan. I went to bed early so that I could wake up early and enjoy some quiet time before church.

My desk is situated right beside my back sliding glass door. I love to look out into the trees behind my apartment and watch the birds. The last couple of days has brought a lovely Cardinal couple and a Blue Jay to visit my porch. I have asked for a bird feeder for my birthday, but in the meantime, I bought some bird seed and have just been throwing it out on the porch. The Cardinal couple and the Blue Jay enjoyed a nice dinner last night and the Cardinal couple were back for breakfast this morning.

My presence doesn't seem to bother them as long as I don't move quickly. The male Cardinal still looks at me while he eats to ensure that I would not hurt his mate. It was interesting to me to see how he would eat a few bites, then hop over to the female and check on her and then hop back to eat a few bites and then back to check on her again.

When I was young, there was a time when my parents and I lived with a hippie couple. He ran a Nature Preserve and she was an artist. Since their house was on the Nature Preserve, we were constantly surrounded by animals. It was nothing to come home and find an Owl or a Hawk being nursed back to health, or to wake up to the sound of a Mama Racoon and her babies talking to you through the screen on the window.

One time the man was nursing an injured Mama Possum back to health. He was holding the Possum on her back and he told me to put my hand in her pouch. I did, and it was probably the warmest and softest place I ever felt.

I love my little "suburban nature preserve" on my back porch. You can hear traffic, trains and construction, but drowning that out in my ears is the beautiful sound of birdsong.


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