Saturday, June 18, 2005

I've been a bad, bad blogger! 

Technically, it's been 2 weeks since I've made a real post. That's a heckuva long time! I don't think I've gone that long before! I got sick shortly after my last real post (the one before the poem) and it's been all I can do to get up, go to work and come home and collapse in the evening until just recently. Also, for me, if I feel like crap, I don't feel like I have crap to say, ya know?

Another bad after effect of being sick is that my house gets hideously dirty. Things stay where I drop them. Dishes don't get done. I'm going through the "emergency only" underwear. The cats are boycotting the litter box - yeah - it's THAT bad.

GUESS WHAT I'M DOING TODAY? Yep, trying to clean up before someone comes by to "condemn" my home.

The upside of this is that I have some good new music to listen to. I picked up Coldplay's "X & Y" cd and The Foo Fighter's "In Your Honor" cd. Soon my neighbors will know them as well as I do since nothing motivates me to move better than loud music!

Well, that's enough rambling from me. I need to get up and get moving so I can have this done before I got to work on Monday!

I hope your weekend is going wonderfully, whatever you may be doing!

OH! Random thought out of nowhere...why is it that the spellcheck on Blogspot doesn't recognize the word "blog" or "blogger?"


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