Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ode to the Man in my Future 

In the dark and silent night
I send you my thoughts
I picture your eyes in my mind
And I begin to spill
My innermost feelings

The rain of my fear
Trickles slowly down my face
But your eyes – and thus your soul
Reassure that you mean me no harm
I inhale, and then slowly exhale

I imagine my ear listening
To the drumbeat of your heart
I lick my lips and taste
The saltiness of your skin
Though you are not here – I feel you

In my mind’s eye, you are scared of the light
Reluctant to come forward and
Be recognized for your heart has been broken
And is quite battle weary but you crave
The gentle comfort that I have to offer

Look into my eyes – and thus my soul
And know that what I say and what I do
Comes from a place that is precious and pure
And never will I treat you with utter disdain
Nor cast you aside without explanation

I will open my heart to the man that you are
Not the man that you were or
The man that you will be
Because I love you today more than words can say
And I will love you even more tomorrow

Come out of the dark and meet me half way
I know that you’re out there – there’s no need to hide
Our future is waiting and time is so golden
I reach out my hand and patiently wait
For the feel of your hand clasping firmly ‘round mine

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