Sunday, July 10, 2005

I know I've never met him in person... 

...but I still considered him a friend and will miss him terribly.

Fellow bloggers - have you ever started reading and commenting on someone's blog and as a result felt like you had a connection with them and therefore you considered them a friend? I had that experience with MrBob over at "Just a Middle Aged Guy."

Unfortunately, MrBob has had some health challenges and has felt it best to stop blogging until further notice. He actually did this on 6/18/05, however I have stubbornly continued to visit his blog almost daily in hopes that he would be there. Alas, he has not. It makes me very sad that I have to accept that he's no longer in my "blogosphere" - at least until his health improves.

Isn't it interesting how the words that we place on our blogs can affect so many in so many different ways? I think back to the months leading up to the Presidential election and of all the blogs that had something to say about their candidate of choice and his opponent. I think about the blogs that I have read that have literally made me weep because the person's pain seeped so eloquently through their typed words. I think about the people who truly are gifted in their ability to tell a story that has you laughing out loud.

Yes, there are those that espouse hate in all of it's ugly forms on their blogs. However for the most part, we are regular folks sitting quietly in front of our monitors as we reach out to the world and reassure ourselves and each other, that we are not alone.

Thank you to all of you who's blogs I have had the pleasure of reading. A special thank you to all of you in my blogroll over there on the right, as you touch me daily with your wonderful humanity. Last, but certainly not least, a big mental hug and a heartfelt "thank you" and "get well soon" to my friend, MrBob.


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