Sunday, July 10, 2005

To quote Joe Walsh... 

..."Life's been good to me so far."

The week leading up to my birthday and following it was wonderful. My friends and family took really good care to recognize my birthday. My friend G took me out to dinner at Pappasito's and then to the park, my sister sent me some beautiful jewelry that she made herself and my brother in law picked out the card, my step-mother sent me a purse and cosmetic case and filled the cosmetic case with fun samples of cosmetics, my "other" Dad sent me a beautiful card and some money, L & G took me to dinner at PF Chang's and gave me a monitor and some cash, Jef took me to lunch and gave me a subscription to my new favorite magazine, "Real Simple" and I got lots of phone calls and emails. I truly felt (and feel) special!

Jef and did our lunch thing yesterday as he had company all last week. We went to one of my favorite places called the "Raging Burrito." Afterwards we went to a really nice used CD store called "Ella Guru." We both found some really cool stuff! After that, I dropped him by his house and headed to L & G's house.

G and I decided that we wanted to go get our nails done and I needed an eyebrow wax - BAD!! The place the G goes to is in the mall, so off we went. They were having a very slow evening so we sat right down in one of the spa pedicure chairs and they went to work on us. I was on sensory overload because I had one lady working on my feet, another lady working on my hands and still another working on my eyebrows AT THE SAME TIME! Not only that, but during all of this sensory overload, they are trying upsale me on every damn thing. They wanted to wax my lip, and upgrade my manicure to a "super" spa manicure and upgrade my pedicure to a "super" spa pedicure and not being very happy that I continued to say, "No, thank you."

The lady that was working on my eyebrows said something to her co-workers in their native tongue and everyone stopped, looked at me, and started laughing. If the woman had not done such an amazing job on my eyebrows, I probably would have been pissed. However good eyebrow people are really hard to find, so I let it slide - Yes! My eyebrows look THAT good!!!

So, today finds me at home with the kitties. It's grey and overcast outside and even though I've been awake for only 2 hours, I find myself wanting to take a nap. This "sitting in front of a monitor reading and writing" thing is quite strenuous, you know!

Yep - life is good.


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