Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Happy Hour 

The drive to Granbury from the hotel is not that long - maybe 30 minutes - but there are a lot of memories that you can think of in that 30 minutes! I was wondering who I would see and thinking back on all my times in high school.

In my humble opinion, our class is a special one. We grew up in Granbury when it was still small enough to only have 2 fast food joints, a Dairy Queen and a Dairy King. We thought we were something when we got the Taco Inn and we had REALLY hit the big time when McDonald's finally came to town!

The majority of the people in my class had been there since elementary school. Some since kindergarten. So we literally grew up together. We may not have been born from the same Mom and Dad, but we were still brothers and sisters. So in a sense, this was not only a 20 year high school reunion - it was a FAMILY reunion.

I finally arrived at the Cajun Oyster Bar on the lake where we were having our informal Happy Hour. I checked my lipstick in my rearview mirror, ran the brush through my hair, took a deep breath and walked toward the establishment. I turned around the corner and heard Jeanette's distinctive shriek and several people shouting my name. Many hugs later, I finally was able to put my purse down and I stood back and looked at all of the beautiful men and women that I grew up with.

There were a few that I wasn't able to recognize though! There was one very attractive man that I kept looking at and then walking away from several times. Finally, I just walked up to him and said, "Do I know you?" "Yes, Joan you do," was his reply. I was floored when he told me he was Carl! I couldn't help myself when I blurted out, "I hope I don't offend you when I say you turned out to be a very nice looking man!" "Subtle" has never been an adjective used to describe me! LOL!

There were several moments during the night that I had just step back and sit down for a minute. Some of it may have been the 4 margaritas I drank mixed with the Texas heat, but the majority of it was just being on sensory overload.

The night ended too quickly and we all headed to where we were staying for the night. I asked Mechelle if she wanted to go get some breakfast somewhere and she advised me that I was not going to drive back to Ft. Worth, but stay with her in a hotel room in Granbury. We finally started driving around to the hotels and Mechelle finally got the last room at the 3rd hotel we checked.

From there we went to Whataburger and met up with Christina, her cousin and a guy named John from the Class of 84. John was kind enough to buy our breakfast and regaled us with stories from the Class of 84's reunion the year before.

We finally made it back to Mechelle's hotel room at about 2:00am and at about 3:00am Mechelle announced that she was going to sleep. I woke up about 5:00am and crept out of the room and down to my car to make the trek back to Ft. Worth to my hotel room.

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