Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Party 

After getting back to my hotel room and out of my clothes and under the cool sheets at about 6:00am, it was tough to wake up just 5 hours later, but that's what I had to do. I had made arrangements to visit with my Great Aunt and Uncle during the afternoon before the party.

The party was going to be at the De Cordova Bend Country Club and my Aunt and Uncle live at De Cordova Bend. I hadn't seen my Aunt and Uncle in several years so it was great to sit and visit with them for a while. They invited me to get ready at their place and then sent me off to the party.

People who had not been at the Happy Hour were showing up for the party and it was fantastic to see everyone. There was a questionnaire that we had to fill out once we registered and I was dutifully doing so when I heard a voice say, "Oh my god it IS you!" I looked up into the eyes of my dear friend Stacey who I hadn't seen in a really long time. Along with her was Teresa who I hadn't seen in an even longer time. I instantly thought back to the days when Stacey, Teresa and I spent our Saturdays together working at the newspaper and getting into all sorts of trouble.

Then I saw Eddie, who was one of the most, if not THE most, intelligent people in our class - and one of the most fun. When you are super intelligent and going to school in Granbury, you get kinda bored and need to have other outlets. Eddie ran with a group that, among other things, painted a car with house paint and thus the "Batmobile" was born.

One weekend night when we were in high school, a big group of us took the Batmobile and a couple of other less cool cars to see the midnight showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Halfway there, we stopped in Cresson on the railroad tracks and danced on the Batmobile. We thought it was very "Footloose!" The rest of the night was a haze as there was Cherry Vodka involved, but we had such a blast and many of us count that as a favorite high school memory.

Eddie was at the party with his beautiful wife, and we all found it funny that Eddie and I were wearing the same shirt. In fact, we were both wearing black shoes, black pants and purple irridescent shirts. If he had long brown hair and boobs, or if I had been bald, we could have passed for each other! LOL!

Even though I had been "Mistress of Ceremonies" all evening, I didn't think anything of it when Paula said she wanted to announce the winners of the prizes and that I would give out the medals. The last award given was the Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette aka Mr. and Ms. Hottie award. When Russ came up to accept his award for Mr. Hottie, I asked him to marry me with a wink. He said something about it probably being appropriate since I would likely win the Ms. Hottie award. I laughed a hearty "Yeah, RIGHT!" laugh. Wouldn't you know it that Paula announced that I won the Ms. Hottie award? I thought that was too hilarious! Had I been that loud about not being married?

The night finally wore down and people were going their separate ways. I motored back toward Ft. Worth smiling to myself about funny things that were said through out the night. I also thought about all of these wonderful people that I grew up with and how different our lives were from each other, but how alike we were. Some of us had doctorates, some of us hadn't gone to college, some of us had lots of kids, some had none at all, some had left Granbury right after high school and others still call it home today. However, our common bond is being born when we were and having been raised where we were. I, for one, am truly grateful for the circumstances that bond me to my sisters and brothers of different mothers - The Granbury High School Class of 1985.

With much love,


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