Sunday, September 11, 2005

That IKEA store is a big 'ol place! 

I met L & G yesterday for lunch. This resulted from a call on Thursday night that I made to G that went a little something like this:

G: Hello?
G: Umm...do you want me to go out and bludgeon something for you or what?
Me: No, but I really need a steak. Do y'all want to go get one?

L & G being the accommodating people that they are agreed to meet me for a steak and afterward we walked off said steak at the IKEA store.

This was my second visit and L & G's first visit. As you drive toward the IKEA on 17th Street, you kind of go up a very slight incline and make a slight curve. Therefore, I began singing the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey (complete with timpani, because the timpani is the best part, doncha know?)as the very very large bright yellow and bright blue building came into our field of vision.

G had been sporting some very cute high heeled wrap-around-your-ankle shoes with a butterfly on them for the dining portion of our trip, and then changed to some "sport sandals" for hiking IKEA. As she looked around at the patronage as we entered the store, she lamented that all the gay men were going to be making fun of her because her shoes were not as fabulous as the rest of her outfit. She thought about going back to the car to get the bag that contained her fabulous shoes so that she could prove that indeed, she did have fabulous shoes for her fabulous outfit, but they were just too fabulous to be hiking around in IKEA.

The last time I was at IKEA, I bought a colander. I was most proud of my colander, and even prouder of the joke I made: "Them Swiss folks sure do make some good holey things - like cheese and this here colander!" I shared my Oh-so-clever joke with L & G and after a second L says, "Umm...IKEA is Swedish not Swiss." Swede - Swiss - To-may-toe - To-mah-toe - Let's call the whole thing off!

This trip I bought a kitchen timer, 2 rubber spatulas, a set of 2 cutting boards, and a bathmat and spent less than $10.00! Woo Hoo!

My dogs were barking by the time we decided to leave. We stopped by the snack bar in hopes of sampling a SWEDISH (not Swiss) meatball, but alas you can only get those in the restaurant upstairs. However, we did have a lovely beverage and a cinnamon bun!

If you have not had the "IKEA Experience" yet, I highly recommend it. You'll be amazed at the stuff you find that you didn't know you absolutely had to have at that very moment - like a rubber spatula!


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