Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Georgia Aquarium 

Whenever I heard that they were building an Aquarium here in Atlanta, I must admit that I scoffed at the idea. Why were they building an aquarium so close to the Chattanooga aquarium? Wouldn't they cancel each other out since they are so close together?

So I started to hear the buzz about how freakin' big the place was going to be and how there were going to be Whale Sharks. OK...maybe having an aquarium will be OK. Opening day got closer and closer and the buzz got louder and louder and before I knew it, I had purchased an annual pass!

I finally got to use the pass this past weekend for the first time and I have just 3 words for you:


It WAS freakin' huge!

I walked in to the place and looked around and saw the Ocean Voyager room. I heard this is where the Whale Sharks were so I bee-lined my way there. You walk in and you go thru a tube that is going through the tank. You can get on a moving sidewalk so you can gawk but still move. The biggest gawk for me was the first time one of the Whale Sharks did a fly by!!! (Can you tell I'm fascinated by the Whale Sharks?) After you got out of the tube, you walk a little farther and enter a theatre where one of the largest pieces of plexiglass ever made looks in on one of the largest tanks ever made.

Again - let me say: OH. MY. GOD.

There were the whale sharks, huge schools of manta rays, Giant Grouper, hammerhead sharks, sawfish, huge schools of pretty yellow fish and on and on and on. I was in awe! I had to find a place to sit down and just take it all in and there is a lot to take in!!

Finally my friends persuaded me to leave and we went across the way to the Cold Water exhibit. There were Sea Otters and Sea Lions and penguins and beautifully peaceful Beluga Whales! I could have sat and watched the Beluga's for hours as well!

We went to another exhibit and I was on sensory overload and don't remember much of it. My friends asked me where I wanted to go since the Aquarium was about to close and before we knew it, we were walking back toward the huge room with the huge tank of huge fish. We stayed until they announced the Aquarium was about to close.

I'm so glad I bought the annual pass! Especially since they have quit selling them since so many of them sold! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!

If you live within 250 miles of Atlanta - GO TO THE AQUARIUM! If you were planning a trip to the Southeast - GO TO THE AQUARIUM! If you are overdue to visit a friend in Atlanta - go visit them and then both of you can GO TO THE AQUARIUM! You will not be disappointed!

Did I mention that the place is SO FREAKIN' HUGE?


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