Monday, January 02, 2006


Yeah - I know - I said I was going to start blogging again regularly and what did I do? Promptly fell off the side of the world again.

The weeks leading up to Christmas were very busy! I don't know why but it was all I could do to drag myself to and from work during that time period. When I finally drove away from work toward NC and my family on 12/22/05 at 3:35pm, I finally felt like I could let out a sigh of relief.

6 hours later, during which I had two 1.5 hr long phone conversations and several short little chats, I pulled into the driveway of my sister and brother-in-law. OMG! I think the Electric Company will be sending them a big thank you note after the holidays! The house was blazing with lights. I walked into the house to find 2 trees set up and lit and M & R were assembling another. Not only that, you couldn't turn around without knocking over a Santa Claus or a Snowman! To say my sister and BIL decorated the house would be an understatement!

I got to hang out with my sister by myself the next day and I was so happy to get some one on one time with her! We ran errands and stuff and came back to the house and watched the clock tick away the time until my nephew showed up. We both hugged the stuffing out of him and one of us was probably always touching him for the remainder of the weekend.

That night we "blessed" the neighborhood with our caroling. We drove around the subdivision and sang our version (usually off color) of Christmas Carols. We all laughed until we thought we'd pass out. A good time was had by all.

Christmas Eve found R's kids and grandkids coming over. I was most excited about this because I bought every kid a gift that I really hoped they would like. We all ate a wonderful meal and then after the kids and grandkids went back to their homes, we collapsed in the living room to watch Christmas movies.

Christmas Day we got up and opened gifts to and from each other. M & R got me a beautiful reversible comforter that is purple on one side and lilac on the other and purple polka dotted sheets. In addition M made me a charm bracelet and matching charm earrings and gave me a beautiful set of diamond stud earrings. E got me a gift card to one of my favorite stores - Tar-Jay!

The rest of the day was spent resting and relaxing before R's Biker buddies showed up. We played "Dirty Santa" and ate leftovers. After they left, M and I coerced E and R to play Scrabble on the new Scrabble board I gave M & R.

The next day I begrudingly had to head back home. I sure do love my family and treasure the time I get to spend with them. I wish we lived a bit closer to each other, but I guess the upside of not living as close is that we truly cherish the time we get to spend together.

New Year's Eve found me in my PJ's on the couch watching "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," and "Million Dollar Baby." It was very nice and very relaxing! New Year's Day I was invited over to L & G's for dinner which is always wonderful. Today I had a lunch date with Jef and hung out with him while he gave 2F a lunch break at the bookstore. I had an eye appointment and got some CUTE new frames and then it was off to buy some new sneakers. All in all a very nice weekend.

I raise my glass to you and yours and hope you have a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous 2006!


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