Sunday, January 22, 2006

I'm In Laundry Heaven! 

I have always been a little anal about my laundry. Two things come to mind as to why I am. First, from the time I was 5 until I was in my 20's I had to go to the laundromat. We were rather "economically challenged" when I was growing up, so owning a washer and dryer was a luxury. When I was a young adult, I remained "economically challenged." It wasn't until my Mom passed away and left me her washer and dryer that I actually owned a washer and dryer.

Secondly, when you are "economically challenged," you've got to make your clothes last because the chance to buy more is not something you can plan on. This started me to air drying my clothes so that they wouldn't shrink and the colors wouldn't fade. I wonderful side-benefit is that if I spill something on my ample bosoms, (which unfortunately, I'm prone to do) air drying prevents you from drying the stain in forever if the washer didn't get it all out.

Well, Mom's dryer had died a year or so ago and the washer was in the midst of death throes. It was time for me to do something very grown up - purchase major appliances of my very own!

So I did my research on Consumer Reports and figured out which one I wanted. Next was to wait for one of the stores to run a good "same as cash financing" deal. Finally the day came that I opened the Best Buy ad from the Sunday paper and they advertised my washer and dryer that I wanted with "same as cash financing" until January 2009!!!

The next hurdle was qualifying for the "same as cash financing." Being "economically challenged" until your late 20's takes a lot of work to dig out from under as far as credit scores go. Friday I walked into Best Buy and went to the customer service counter to apply for the credit. I tried to look cool as I was sweating bullets hoping I'd get approved for at least what I needed to get the washer and dryer. Lo and behold, I got more than enough to purchase my washer and dryer! YAY ME!

I went back and purchased my washer and dryer, thinking I'd maybe get it late next week. WRONG! The cashier said, "Is delivery on Sunday OK?" I replied, "Sunday? As in day after tomorrow?" He smiled and nodded and I emphatically replied, "Heck yeah!" They called and said they would be there between 9-11am and they were there just after 8:30 and out the door by 9:05!!! Could this have gone any better? I don't think so!

My first load was underwear, socks, towels and sheets - something I would always dry. However my second load was pants. I thought about it only a moment when it came time to put them in the dryer. New clothes will come, and now that I have 87 different settings on the dryer, shrinkage need not occur!

This means a lot to me. Just by the otherwise simple act of buying a major appliance, I have broken out of some of the last "economically challenged" chains that my upbringing put on me.

Thank you, God!

I think Mom and Dad are doing a "happy dance" for me up in heaven!



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