Friday, January 06, 2006

Keeping my Sister Tethered 

While I was at my Sister and BIL's for Christmas, my nephew and I noticed something about my Sister. Well - we didn't really notice - since we already knew this about my Sister - but we had fun giggling at her expense as a result of it.

My Sister cannot sit still.

It's true! Christmas Eve there was a lot going on in the house with all the people milling around. However we were starting to believe that she just didn't want to be in the same room with us! Of course that wasn't the case, but we laughed quietly to ourselves every time we entered a room that she was in, and she would get up and go in the other room. I kid you not! It must have happened about 4 times!

M caught us laughing a couple of times and mouthed, "What?!?" at us from across the room. We just smiled and shrugged. She just rolled her eyes as if to say, "WhatEVER!!"

M, R, E and I were sitting in the living room watching a movie when I finally realized that one of the things R does is keep M tethered from time to time. If they are sitting on the couch together and they are holding hands, she stays put. However if they should not hold hands for whatever reason, M is up and running.

There was a time during the weekend, though when E was doing the tethering. Mother and Son sitting quietly on the couch holding hands because it's been so long since they had been able to do that. That was a nice moment to be witness to as well.

I guess it takes one of the 2 loves of her life - R or E - to keep my sister still for a few precious moments.

That sounds about right to me.


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