Sunday, February 05, 2006

I WILL pay for convenience! 

I know that in New York you can have anything delivered any time of the night or day, but why has that not caught on here in Atlanta? You can get pizza and you can get Chinese and only between 11 and 11. There used to be a service here called Webvan.com where you could order groceries and then there was kozmo.com where you could order snack food, condoms, cd's or movies along with a lot of other things. However both of those services have gone by the way side. Why? I used the services! Why didn't anyone else?

The reason this comes to mind is because I was sick last week. I left work after 1/2 a day on Monday and later found out I had strep throat, a sinus infection and the beginnings of an ear infection. Of course it coincided with the fact that my fridge and cupboards were quite literally bare. I live "OTP," which in ATL-talk means "Outside the Perimeter" so it wasn't that convenient for any of my friends to come bring me anything.

Monday evening, I ordered pizza, which was no good for my ailing throat. Tuesday evening I just wanted something to make the pain in my throat go away, so I put on a bra, and drug my carcass to the Walgreen's. The Pharmacist was very helpful but you could tell that he was having to use the years of training he had to not look repulsed by my sickly self. I passed through the snack food aisle at the Walgreen's and suddenly felt that I must have some Easy Cheese and Ritz Crackers for dinner - nothing else would do. This was not only because it sounded tasty to my hungry self, but also because it meant I could go straight home after leaving the Walgreen's.

Wednesday I was still feeling like ca-ca and so I gave in and took myself to the Doctor. I got there at 9:45, and after seeing the doctor, getting caught in traffic, stopping at the store to fill my prescription and get some food, I was finally home at 2:30. I was so tired, I almost slept through Oprah!

Thursday I still had food leftover from my trip to the store, so I was happy as a clam, however on Friday, I had run out of that food and this time I stopped at the QT just so I didn't have to go to the grocery store. (For those of you not familiar, QT's, or Quick Trips, are like 7-11's, except cleaner.)

So now it's Sunday, and I'm feeling a whole lot better, but still not keen on the idea of going out into the cold, windy day in quest of food.

Pizza, anyone?

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