Wednesday, March 22, 2006

People are Strange... 

...when you're a stranger...

Sometimes I just don't understand why people think the way they do. For instance, my friend who is a copywriter is having to replace the voiceover artist he uses for the product he works on because this voiceover got into some trouble that made it to the news. Apparently the product he works on does not want to be associated with said voiceover artist's bad deed.

My question is this: WHO THE HELL CARES? I mean, COME ON! Are there going to be throngs of people who say, "Hey! That's the voice of (insert celebrity here)doing the voiceover for this ad for (insert product here)!!! They did (insert bad deed here)!!! I don't EVER want to buy (insert product here) again!!!


I have another friend who just absolutely HATES Bill Paxton. With a blinding rage of hate known by no other.

My question is this: WHAT THE HELL DID BILL PAXTON DO TO YOU??? Bill Paxton is like the most innocuous person in the celebrity world. I'll bet that 7.6523 people that read this are thinking to themselves, "Who is Bill Paxton?" (Google him)

What thing that people do makes you say, "WHAT THE HELL???"


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