Monday, July 10, 2006

4th of July 

I took the week of the 4th off from work. When I decided that I was going to do this, I also made the decision that I wanted to do special things because this was also around my birthday. I went on Hotwire.com and looked up hotels in downtown ATL on the 4th of July. Lo and behold I found one that was only 100.00 for the night! I ordered it up and it was at the Omni Hotel which is right smack dab across the street from Centennial Olympic Park where they would be doing Fireworks!

Since I got the room from Hotwire.com, I expected to be stuck in a nice, but far away from everything room, as that has been my experience in the past. When I got there to check in, the room they had me assigned to was not clean. I piped up that I would love a room that faced the park and the guy behind the desk said, "OK, I happen to have 1 left!" I was so excited!

The room was PERFECT. The whole far wall of the room was floor to ceiling glass. I called Jef to let him know as he was coming to hang out with me for some Jef-and-Joan-birthday-and-4th-of-July time.

Jef arrived later and we walked to CNN Center and had some Mexican Food and then came back to the room in anticipation of having a primo seat for the fireworks. We took the comforter off the bed and all of the pillows and set up camp in front of the window. It was about 30 mins before the fireworks were to begin, and the sky opened up with a massive thunderstorm. I kept hoping against hope that the storm would blow through quickly and the fireworks would commence, but it wasn't going to happen that way. Jef and I were kind of disappointed, but at the same time, it was cool to watch the people and traffic and lightening and look at all of the buildings. We laid on our stomachs side by side talking about the things that only Jef and Joan talk about after having been so close for 19 years. When we finally accepted that the fireworks just weren't going to happen, we ordered room service dessert and watched an A&E special on SuperMan before Jef headed out into the night to go home.

Thanks for a wonderful evening, Rocky.

I love you,



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