Monday, July 10, 2006

My birthday! 

My birthday was 7/1/06 and I am now 39 years old. Not "29...again," but 39. I've lived a lot of life in my 39 years and I claim every one of my years and every one of my gray hairs! All of those experiences and blood, sweat and tears and laughter and smiles and really low times and insanely high times and middle of the road times have made me the Joan that I am today - and I like her - NAY! I LOVE her! You should get to know me - I am super fantastic! ;-)

...but I digress...

After a week at work that kicked my ass, I got to look forward to hanging out with some really good friends (who shall remain nameless, because that's the way they prefer it). We went to lunch at Sonic, because I love me some Sonic! Then we went to get nails and eyebrows done. (For those of you that don't know me, I'm not especially girly, but this is where my girlyness comes out. I love to have manicures, pedicures and the hair over my eyes ripped out violently.) After that, it was back to the house for a little afternoon siesta before motoring to Decatur for dinner at the Raging Burrito. (There are a lot of burrito joints in the ATL, however none of them make guacamole like Raging Burrito!) After a lovely dinner we strolled to Eddie's Attic to see Michelle Malone perform. (Damn! That girl can play a guitar when she wants to! I love it when she trances out and just PLAYS!) After getting out of there and making a pit stop at the house, we ventured out again to Cafe Intermezzo for dessert. We got there at 1:50AM and they closed at 2, but we didn't care! We sat on the patio with a perfect breeze mussing our hair and enjoyed some utterly delectable yumminess. After all of that, I made it home about 3-ish and hit the sack. I woke up 12 hours later and could have slept longer, but I didn't.

It was a really lovely day spent with really lovely people who's only agenda for the day was to make me happy. Am I a lucky girl, or what?

Thank you again, "People who shall remain nameless!" I love and appreciate you very much!


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