Thursday, August 10, 2006

Memories of S&H Green Stamps 

When I was a little kid, Mom would get S&H Green Stamps at Buddies, the grocery store up the street from our house. She would get me to lick all the stamps to put them in the books that you collected them in. Then after several books were filled up, the glorious day would come when we would go to the S&H Green Stamp redemption store!

I was not all that interested in the stuff you could get at the store, but I was VERY interested in the playroom they had for the kids! There had to have been the kid sized combo of an stove, sink and refrigerator because I wanted one of those SOOOOOOOO BAD!!! I remember distinctly asking for them for my 3rd or 4th birthday and recieving a DOLL SIZED version. I was SOOOOOOOO disappointed. I remember thinking to myself, "What the hell were Mom and Dad thinking getting me these DOLL SIZED appliances!!!" OK..maybe I embellished a bit, but not much.

The irony of this story is that now that I have the REAL sized version of a stove, sink and refrigerator, I'm not so impressed.


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