Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Feel me! Touch me! Need me! 

....or something like that.

In my head I'm singing that song by The Who from Tommy. I'm not sure if it translates well. But anyway...

I have a problem. I need validation. I need acknowledgment. I want you to notice me. Let me entertain you - let me make you smile.

I was talking to Jef the other day about how it really is distressing to me when no one comments on my blog or my pictures on Flickr. Why? Why do I care what John or Jane Q. Public thinks of my blog or pictures?

Here's the kicker: I'm not that great of a commenter when I look at someone else's blog or pictures on Flickr. I may think to myself, "Betty," (because that's what I like to call myself) "that is one fine blog entry and/or picture." However do I take the time to let the person know that I thought that? Not often.

Logically I know I have no room to whine, but still...I want you to love me, damn it! And I want you to tell me that love me, too!

(Heavy sigh!)


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