Friday, October 27, 2006

Memories at 45 RPM 

For my birthday this year, I got a total of $100 worth of ITunes cards. 4 months later, I'm about to use them all up. HOWEVER, Christmas is coming up and there is hope for more ITunes Cards! (Hint! Hint!)

...but I digressed...

Last week I found a gem that I had on a 45 RPM record when I was a kid: "Thunder Island" by Jay Ferguson. When I listened to the snippet of "Thunder Island" to make sure it was the version I remembered, I was instantly transported back to a much more innocent time.

When I was in what I believe was the 4th grade, I had a boyfriend named Dusty. He was a cute freckle faced boy that made me laugh. Unfortunately, he was sent to Boys Town, TX for a reason that was unknown to me and I didn't see him for at least a year, if not longer. I wrote him letters, but when I didn't hear from him, I quit writing.

I remember when I heard that he was back from Boys Town. My stomach got all tingly at the thought of seeing him again. Would he be my boyfriend again? Dad let me tag along while he was visiting a friend that happened to live in the same neighborhood that Dusty lived in. Dusty came over to the house and we went out to the boat dock on the lake to talk and watch the sun set. I remember laying on my stomach and having one of those chance times when I looked in his direction and suddenly our lips met. A very sweet and tender kiss.

"Thunder Island" was all over the radio at this time, so it's easy for me to associate this song with that very sweet memory. Now I have that memory on my IPod so I can relive it anytime I want, and maybe - just maybe - create a new sweet memory to associate with it.

What song from your growing up years makes you smile when you hear it, and why?


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