Friday, January 05, 2007

Great Loud Music in a Great Big Car 

As y'all may have surmised from my last post, I had to rent a car while my car is in the shop. Luckily my car insurance covers 80% of the cost of the rental car. So when it came time to make the decision on what car I would get, I was told that I could get a Chevy Cobalt for $4.50 a day, or I could get a Chrysler 300 for $6.50 a day.

I chose the Big Ass Pimp-mobile - of course!

So, I'm motoring to NC to my sister's in this big ass car, and on comes a song I haven't heard for YEARS!!! "Beautiful Girls" by Van Halen. I was quite the Van Halen fan in my day, so I squealed with delight and cranked that mutha up!!!

There is just something special about a favorite old song cranked loud in a car on a road trip!

What are some of of your favorite "crank-it-up" songs?


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