Monday, January 01, 2007


Wow! It's 2007! In my line of work I've been using 2007 dates for a month or so now, so it's weird that it's finally the date that I've been using! LOL!

Speaking of work - it's been very challenging lately, which is a big part of the reason that I haven't been blogging with any sort of regularity. However I am off this week, so I'm going to try to make up for lost time!

Since I've last blogged, I took a really fun trip with a van full of friends to Callaway Gardens to see the "Fantasy in Lights." We had a really good time and I made some new friends!

I went to Texas for Christmas weekend to see the people who call me their "Dark Haired Daughter/Sister." Andi and I have been friends since I was in 2nd grade at TW Stanley Elementary School in Weatherford, TX, which means we've been friends for 31 years. Whew! That's a lot of history! We had a really nice time and they went overboard with showering me with gifts.

Soon I'll be heading to NC for Christmas with my sister, brother in law and nephew. Eric works retail and it's hard to get off at the holidays, so we postponed our celebration until now. We always have a really great time together, so I'm really looking forward to it.

This last weekend was a little challenging as well. I went and spent a big chunk of the day with some friends that also went overboard with gifts for me (that I'm extremely thankful for, by the way!). I was driving in the wet and dimly lit parking lot of a strip mall and I managed to scrape my car against a parked car. Man, I was so pissed off at myself!!! The guy that owned the car that I scraped up against was still at work, so I went and got him and exchanged info with him. Luckily everyone was unhurt and the cars were still (somewhat) drivable. (I can't make a left turn without making an ugly scraping noise). I was trying really hard to think of the positive side of that situation. My initial assessment is that I need to slow down and pay more attention - not just in wet and dimly lit parking lots, but in general. I'm sure other lessons will be revealed to me, but right now, I'm just thankful that everyone was unhurt and I have good insurance.

I finally bought myself a Tivo!!! After being on the waiting list for FOUR months to get a DVR through my cable company, I just decided it was time to just go for the gusto and buy a Tivo. With wonderful technical assistance from my friend that prefers to remain nameless, I got everything hooked up and working. I AM IN LOVE! How have I ever lived without one of these things???

Well, I'm going to close for now, but within the next couple of days, I'll reveal what I hope to see for myself in 2007.

Take care and may you and yours have a wonderful and prosperous 2007!


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