Saturday, January 26, 2008

Closing in on 100 pounds!! 

Yesterday's weigh in put me at 98.7 pounds eliminated! I must admit I'm feeling pretty awesome about that!

This has been a really good week, but a really hard week as well. (Why is it that short weeks notoriously happen that way?) Work was crazy - I won't go into details but I had a call that I lost my cool on and my boss levitated out of her cube and whispered very loudly "GIVE ME THE CALL!" That is an EXTREMELY rare occurrence and I feel bad about it, but the claimant I was speaking to had tap danced on my last nerve in 5 inch stiletto heels.

On the really positive side though, I had to order myself a new bathing suit for water aerobics because I'm shrinking out of my other ones. (AGAIN!) While I was ordering my suit, I noticed they had jeans on sale. I looked at them and thought, "What the hell? If they don't fit, I'll send 'em back." I got the package on Thursday while I was at work and was so excited I went to the conference room across from my desk and tried them on. THEY FIT! AND THEY LOOK GOOD! (other people that I trust to tell me the truth said they did!) So now I am the proud owner of 2 pairs of jeans!

Now, most people who know me have never actually seen me in jeans because I have not worn them since early college. I'm a long way from being the size I was in college, but since the late 80's they have finally started making stuff for "Big Girls" that looks good.

Thursday night I went with friends to the Indigo Girls concert in Athens. It was at the Classic Center, which is a really nice facility. To get to our seats, we had climb a couple of flights of stairs and I did a happy dance in my head when I realized that after climbing those stairs, I wasn't winded! Then we went in and sat down for the show and I did another happy dance in my head because I fit comfortably in my seat and I didn't feel like I was encroaching on the space of the people I was sitting next to. I know that may seem kind of weird to you folks that have never had a serious weight problem, but those are really big milestones for those of us who do!!!

The Indigo Girls show was really cool, as usual. Brandi Carlisle opened for them and it was cool to hear her "non-single" stuff.

So I got home from the show about 2:35am, was in bed by 3:00am, turned the alarm off at 7:00am and was at work a little after 8:00am. OY VEY! I worked until 2:15pm and then went to Emory for my doctor's visit/group session and was back at work by 6:00pm and worked until 10:00pm. I called a friend on the way home and she was the unwitting recipient of my grouchiness. Fortunately, I think she understood that it was not Joan speaking to her but Oscar the Grouch and she got off the phone very quickly. (I'm Sorry, G!)

So now I've had 9 hours of sleep and the possibility of a nap in my future and Oscar the Grouch has slunk back to his trash can and I am in full control. LOL!

I hope wherever you are you are enjoying your weekend!

Peace Love and Happiness!

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