Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hiking: The New Frontier 

Seaster wrote me an email before I came to visit that said that they were thinking of going hiking when I was here and would I be OK with that? It's a real easy hike! I wrote back that I was OK with that.
There was much debate on when we were going as we've had quite a cold front come through the Southeast, but finally, B-I-L aimed the Hummer toward Pilot Mountain and the decision was made we were going.
We got there and the first thing we did was encounter rock stairs. Now those of you that know me know that I don't care much for stairs. My depth perception really sucks. However my gallant B-I-L offered me his arm and we slowly made it down the myriad of stairs.
Now granted, I have lost 80+ pounds, but I'm still a big, out of shape girl. I'm getting smaller and more in shape, but I still have a way to go. So this moderate hiking trail ranked as strenuous for me. However the family was patient with me and even hooted and hollered when I finally made it back up the myriad of stairs and even made me pose for pictures next to the trail head.
It was a tough bit of exercise for me, but my family was proud of me for finishing it and most importantly, I was proud of myself for finishing it.
Perhaps after I lose another 80lbs we can tackle the strenuous trail...!
Here's to more challenges overcome in the New Year!
Peace, Love and Happiness!


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