Thursday, January 03, 2008

Musical Memories 

I was driving today and listening to music. I recently downloaded all of my Sting collection onto my IPod and I was enjoying "Ten Summoners Tales." It made me think of and old boyfriend who really loved Sting. He loved him so much that when the CD "The Soul Cages" came out and Entertainment Weekly panned it, he wrote a very angry letter and canceled his subscription. I loved that he felt so passionately about that! So, Sting will forever make me think of that boyfriend.

After my sister left "The Bastard," (aka husband #2), my sister, nephew and I took a trip at Christmas time to Key West. We were motoring over "Seven Mile Bridge" and U2's "Beautiful Day" came on and we all sang at the top of our lungs. It was a beautiful day - not only because we were together in this beautiful place, but also because my sister was starting a new, more wonderful chapter of her life after having been stifled so long while with "The Bastard." We all felt a sense of relief and happiness as a result.

"Turtle" by Alana Davis will always remind me of road trips with my roommate between her grandmother's house and Atlanta. When we were together in the car with the music going, it was always a good thing because we both love music so much and felt that comfortableness that people feel when they can sing at the top of their lungs without being self conscious about it.

Jef and I have known each other for 20 years. Early on in our friendship, we were running amok in Ft. Worth and decided to stop for some TCBY yogurt. We sat in his car eating our yogurt as a the sun came out after raining all day. "Storms in Africa" from Enya's Watermark CD was on and I think I'm safe in saying that made a wonderfully simple memory for both of us.

What music or song makes you think of certain person or time? I hope you'll share!

Peace, Love and Happiness!


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