Saturday, January 19, 2008

WINTER STORM 2008! (insert dramatic music here) 

It's snowing! Here in Georgia! More than just a few flakes! People are going out of the their mind and of course it's egged on by the media breaking into regularly scheduled programming for a "WINTER STORM 2008 UPDATE!" complete with dramatic music.

I got up this morning and went to get my "hair did." As I got in the car at 9:30, it started to sleet, however the temperature was a balmy 37* so I wasn't concerned. I got to the the Salon and apparently many people had cancelled their hair appointments so Alton, my stylist extraordinaire, was happier than usual to see me.

As he worked on my hair, it started to snow and by the time he was done and I was walking out to my car, I had to clear snow off my car before I could leave!

I ran some errands and by the time I got home and took this picture it was 2:00pm. Not a bad amount of snow for 3.5 hours here in the South, huh?

I'm sure you Northern folks just laugh about us panicky Southerners, but hey! It doesn't happen often!

So here I sit listening to "In Rainbows" by Radiohead (my new favorite album, by the way!) and sipping on some Tomato Soup as I look out the back sliding glass door and watch the snow fall.

What a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Peace Love and Happiness!


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