Sunday, March 02, 2008

4 Pounds lost for a total of 118.2! 

I had a pretty good week! I was working toward being at 120lbs lost by the time I started eating, and I got very close!

I was supposed to start eating yesterday, however I had my day planned out very meticulously and you know what they say: The best laid plans are blown to hell! LOL! I was really starting to get anxious about it and was contemplating getting a salad from Wendy's (a recommended fast food choice) but I decided I didn't want my first food eaten after being on the program to be fast food! So, rather than continuing to be anxious about it, I just decided to start eating today when I have the whole day at home and no pressing errands to run.

I saw some friends yesterday that I hadn't seen in a while and they were very impressed with how I look! That was a nice addition to my very busy day!

Here's to a good and stress free week for everyone, but especially me! ;-)

Peace Love & Happiness!

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