Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mother Nature is PISSED OFF! 

Boy Howdy! Mother Nature sure got her knickers in a kink last night and today! Downtown ATL was ripped up last night as a EF 2 Tornado went through. A tornado! In the city! I know it's not unheard of, but it is rare!

I talked to 2F today and he told how he was at his Bookstore in East Atlanta Village when the storm hit. He said, first the hail, then the rain and then the wind. He said as he hunkered under the counter he just knew the roof was going to be torn off the place. Fortunately the store did not sustain any damage, however his immediate neighbor on the other side did.

Luckily, aside from the rain and a wicked lightening and thunder show, my neighborhood got off easy. We were under a tornado warning for a bit this afternoon and the sirens went off, but not much more than rain and the occasional rumble for thunder. It was kind of surreal because as the sirens were going off, it was sunny out.

Growing up in Texas, which is known to be part of "Tornado Alley," I was fortunate enough to be close to tornadoes, but never in one. Mom and I lived in a A-frame house and we had the couches on opposite walls facing each other. We both got under the cushions of those couches as the tornado roared by about 1/2 mile away. I was saying the Lord's Prayer under my breath as fast and furious as I could while we heard the winds howling outside. It was pretty scary!

It's interesting - when I was younger and was feeling out of control or freaked out by something in my life, I would inevitably have a dream about being in a tornado. I would wake up on the verge of screaming and heart pounding from those dreams. I haven't had a tornado dream in a while, and I remember the last time I had one, I felt peaceful and not scared to death like I used to. Maturity setting in? Who knows?

Here's hoping that wherever you are the weather is pleasant and so are your dreams!

Peace Love & Happiness!

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