Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yes, I've been gone for a bit... 

...however it's been for a REALLY good reason. You'll notice that the date on my last entry was 6/7/08. That was the day that I met (in person) a really amazing man.

We met the weekend before online and talked - A LOT - both online and on the phone. In my humble opinion, we clicked instantly. I tried to be cautious and to not get too excited about this man, but once I met him in person, it was over. Those of you that know me know that I'm not one to hold back unless you give me a reason to. So far, I've been given no reason not to care as much as I do about this fantastic man.

I've gotten lectures - TONS of lectures - from those that care deeply for me. "Don't give your heart away so quickly!" As much as I love and appreciate my friends and family that would caution me against caring so much so soon, I must say that I have consulted my instincts and I have prayed heavily on this and all answers that come back to me are that life is too short and I should follow my heart. That resonates strongly with me and therefore I'm going to honor my instincts and my heart and continue to follow this path with this man.

Last year, Jef and I met at a Red Lobster for dinner. I had written down all the attributes that I wanted in a man in my life. I showed the list to Jef and we discussed in detail all the points I had made, and then I put the list away. I took that list out a few days ago to remind myself what I had asked for. This beautiful man fits all of the attributes with only 1 or 2 exceptions, and those exceptions are so minor that it doesn't even matter. I must admit that seeing that made me cry - extremely happy and relieved tears - that I had indeed gotten what I asked for and even more. To say that I am blessed and thankful doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how blessed and thankful I feel.

I turn 41 on July 1. This has been an INCREDIBLE year since my last birthday. I have lost 152.2 lbs, not to mention all the other great things that have happened. Then, I got an early birthday present - almost exactly a month before my birthday - in the form of this extraordinary human being that has come into my life.

Thank you God! Thank you God!! THANK YOU GOD!!!

Peace Love and Happiness!

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