Sunday, May 11, 2008

For a day I was a Super Model! 

Patrick is taking a photography class and his class is currently working on taking photographs of people. Jef and I got together with him yesterday and I got to play "Super Model" for a few hours!

The picture above is Jef's favorite of the bunch. All of Patrick's favorites were some that I will only share with close friends and family because they are really goofy looking! LOL!
It was interesting as we looked through the pictures that both Jef and I commented (at almost the same time) that I'm starting to look more like my Mom. I don't know if it's the weight loss or I'm getting older or a combination of both, but there were a few that I was thinking, "Wow! I'm turning into my Mom!"
That's not a bad thing! My Mom was a beautiful woman. There were times when she didn't enhance her looks to the best of her ability (and as a result, Marti and I will never let our hair go completely grey!) but even then, she was beautiful.
Speaking of beautiful Mom's - Let me take this opportunity to say, "Happy Mother's Day" to all you Mom and Mom-like people out there!
Peace Love & Happiness


Weight loss continues to happen! 

I'm completely back on food and still losing weight! Woo Hoo! I'm now at 138.2lbs lost! Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo!

It's been kind of challenging losing weight a whole lot less dramtically than I was losing before. This last week I lost 2lbs and the week before 1lb. Now I'm very pleased and proud of those pounds lost, but when I used to average 6.5lbs a week when I was on Optifast, it's kind of different to get used to!

Now that I'm officially off Optifast, I'm in a group called STARS (I know it stands for something, but I'm not sure what) and we meet weekly. This past Friday we got a presentation from a plastic surgeon and it was really exciting! I'm still a long way from ready to have surgery as I still have a bit of weight to lose, but it's still good to know what options I have.

For those of you that may have never been really obese, you might not know that when you lose a large amount of weight, you have quite a bit of excess skin that used to hold your copious amounts of fat. So when you lose a lot of weight, for some cosmetic and some medical reasons, some choose to have that taken care of via plastic surgery.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I've been really challenged by work lately and consequently I haven't been making it to Water Aerobics. I was really wrestling with this and was asking myself, "If I'm working 25 hours a day 8 days a week, how am I going to get exercise in?" Well, I got my answer! A co-worker mentioned that a group of women are walking and asked if I wanted to join. I didn't hesistate one second when I answered, "Yes, please!" It's been really cool!

Here's hoping that your finding answers to your challenges in creative ways!

Peace Love & Happiness!

3-D Totally ROCKS! 

Y'all may remember that back in August I had surgery to fix my eye. I had what some call a "lazy eye" and, in addition to making people think I was looking beyond them instead of at them, it prevented me from seeing 3-D effects.

A friend and I went to Stone Mountain a few weeks back and they have a 3-D show there and it was looking like it might rain, so we thought, what better way to wait out the rain? I went in expecting to not see a thing, but I DID! IT WAS SO COOL! I was carrying on and laughing my head off like a little kid! NOW I get it!

Peace Love & Happiness!

Long time no see, huh? 

Hello out there! It's been a while since I've blogged. Some of it is due to I didn't want to not pull up my blog and not see my little Fred. Some of it was just being too tired to blog. Work has been kicking my ass lately, but I've been trying to kick back and I'm hopeful that maybe things will calm down a bit.

Since I've last blogged, I got Shelby a kitten. I was having lunch with a friend when I mentioned that I wanted to get Shelby a kitten. My friend lives just up the street from the Paulding County Humane Society, so away we went! Bella is 8 months old, all black with blue-ish green eyes and just a little love bug. SHELBY HATES HER WITH A HATE THAT DEFIES ALL OTHER HATE IN THE WORLD. So much for getting Shelby a kitten. (heavy sigh!) Right now, I'm letting Shelby have a time out from hiding and running and hissing and spitting and yowling at Bella by letting her have a litter box, food and water in the bedroom with the door closed. I really had good intentions when I got Bella. However you know what they say - the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

Peace Love & Happiness!

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