Thursday, April 29, 2004

The kindness of strangers...

...Has helped me see the light.

Let me tell you, these last couple of weeks have been no fun for me. I got sucked into the quagmire of depression - BIG TIME. I closed the blinds, I turned off the phone, when it got dark, I didn't turn the light on, I called off on commitments I had, I slept for hours and watched TV when I wasn't sleeping...It was just AWFUL.

However, Tuesday night I heard a knock knock knocking at my door. NO ONE comes to my house before telling me, so I figured it was some kid selling something or maybe a Mormon. (click here to read what my sister had to say to some very befuddled Mormon's recently) So I heard the person leave and I crept up to the peep hole and the person came back in and it was my across the hall neighbor. I opened the door and she said, "Hey, I saw the screen was off your bedroom window and I haven't seen your car move in a couple of days, so I just wanted to check on you." I said I was fine and thanked her and closed the door.

Wow! Someone I don't even know noticed something was up!

Then, early Wednesday morning, I get a comment from Luzja who I only know from reading her blog and she says, "I've been reading your blog lately and felt compelled to write you today and say that I hope you're doing okay. You haven't written for a few days and I know what depression can do to someone...been there, still sometimes am there. Anyways...my thoughts/prayers are with you."

Wow...what sweet words from someone that doesn't even know me! (THANK YOU, Luzja!)

So Wednesday afternoon I sat on the edge of the couch, knowing that I needed to get in the shower in order to meet G for dinner and church, but really wanting to call off. However I dragged myself to the shower and got dressed and met G at our favorite salad place. G is extremely sensitive in the sense that he has figured out when to pursue a conversation with me and when to leave it alone. He will ask me how I am and how things are. He will assess by my answer if he should proceed and if he senses I don't want to talk about that, he allows me the freedom of not talking. I can't tell you how wonderful that's been. How comforting it is just to be able to talk about nothing to do with me and my unemployment and my depression unless I want to.

Wow...this friend of mine really gets me!

From the salad place we went to church. I have NEVER in my life been a person to go to church on Wednesday until recently. Our church had this neat thing going on that was called, "The Wednesday Experience." It was very casual and informal and laid back, and it was cool.

We were having a situation where people were asked to get up and tell their stories of an event that molded a part of who they are today. It was as if everyone that stood up to speak was speaking directly to me. I got up last and basically told everyone that it felt like they had all gathered before the service and said, "Hey y'all - Joan's having a tough time, let's aim everything toward her so she doesn't feel so alone." All of these "Inner Dings" kept going off. I told the story of how when my Mom was sick and I took care of her that I proved to myself and to everyone else that I was not my Mother's flighty little child that would self destruct when she died as many thought that I was. Sure, I made mistakes - some that I regret to this day, but I did it and I feel like I'm eons stronger because of it. I ended my talk saying that I ought to get back to remembering that strong woman that I was because she and I had grown apart.

When you become a member of my church, you are assigned a lay chaplain for prayer request and such. Lo and behold, my lay chaplain, Joanne, showed up at church. She asked me if I had a prayer request, and being the woman that I am, I said, "Oh HELL yes!" She prayed with me. She gave me some very good spiritual advice that was peppered with the "F" word, (the best kind of spiritual advice!) then she revealed that she is a recruiter. Now, she recruits for a completely different industry than I work in, but has this lady got connections!!! I called her this morning and I had a page full of people to call by the end of our conversation.

Wow...my church family really loves and supports me!

I came home after church and was going through the mail. I saw a card from one of my all time best friends of my life. I opened the card and out flutters a check. A SUBSTANTIAL check. He wrote, "Hi Jo-anny! I know it can be tough job hunting so here's a little something to help." I burst into tears. I cried like a baby for about 5 minutes.

Wow....he didn't have to do that! He was thinking of me and just did that! Wow!

OK God...I get it! I'm not alone. I may feel that way down to my very core sometimes, but honestly, I am not alone. Thank you for sending all of these people in my direction to help me see that. Thank you for sending people that helped me without my even knowing it.



Friday, April 23, 2004

I've been better...

...but I've been a whole lot worse.

I've been feeling pretty down in the dumps lately. I was trying to describe to a friend what's been going on with me, and this is what I wrote:

I'm not a happy camper. I do not have the colorful candy
coating to hide that I'm not a happy camper right now. I'm usually
able to keep it together or at least maintain the facade of keeping
it together, and I'm not doing so good at that right now.

It really disgust me that I've been out of work as long as I
have been. It really disgust me that I continue to be alone. It
really disgust me that I'm feeling like the 36 years that I have
spent on this earth have not been well spent.

I'm sure you've noticed that for the most part, I'm
uncomfortable to show that part of myself that is vulnerable -
unhappy - sad - angry. I might show little glimmers of it, but for
the most part, I try to keep that part of myself hidden. As I said
at the first of this email, I'm not doing a good job of hiding right
now. That's why I retreat into my shell when I'm feeling this way.

Being unemployed when you have no say in the matter sucks. Let no one tell you otherwise. I fooled myself into believing that it would not be hard for me to find another job. I've been out of work for 3 months. I think that pretty much disproves that theory.

I've been trying to be strong and positive, but this week has not been one where I could do that and that pisses me off. BIG TIME!

I went to lunch with my former co-workers today. It was very nice to see everyone, and it reinforced how much I'm glad I don't work there anymore. Granted, I would have liked to leave the company on my own terms instead of being "asked" to leave, but this situation was long coming.

It still does not make the fact that I'm still out of work any easier.

So gentle reader, if you would, I would appreciate it if you would say an extra prayer and/or send me an extra good thought that I will not only get beyond this funk I'm in, but find the best job at the best salary at the best company that I can.

Thank you!


Monday, April 19, 2004

Kinder and gentler

Goodness! I was ticked off last night, wasn't I? Truth be known, I didn't feel as ticked off as I sounded.

That blog had been brewing in me for a while. Seeing "The Passion of the Christ" just kind of set everything off. I just get so tired of people being mean, ya know?

Last night I unapologetically watched "Extreme Home Makeover" and got teary eyed. I love it when people that have had a "rough row to hoe," get something really wonderful.

I get made fun of because I like shows like "7th Heaven," and "Little House on the prairie," and "A Wedding Story," and those type shows. They are uplifting! They remind me that there are people out in the world that are good because sometimes I can't help but let the negativity of the world and the negative people in the world get to me.

I like to think that I am knowledgeable about what's going on in my neighborhood, my city, my state, my country and my world. However lately, I am not as "in the know" as I once was. I turn on the news or I look at CNN.com and I'm overwhelmed with the tragedy and pain that are so focused on. I know we live in tragic and painful times, but there are also really wonderful things happening, too!

Don't get me wrong - I'm not plugging my ears and covering my eyes to what's going on. I know that the US has a nasty presidential race going, I understand that things in Iraq are flaring up again, I know that government is spending more time on trying to dictate that a marriage is only a marriage if it's between a man and a woman than to taking care of the homeless and hungry in the "richest" country in the world. I know these things. I understand them.

However I am choosing to rejoice in a woman in Watts, CA named "Sweet Alice," who has single handedly fed 1000's of people out of her kitchen, opened up a community center for job training, and watches over the children of the neighborhood. A silly show like "Extreme Home Makeovers" rebuilt her house beautifully AND gave new mattresses to the neighborhood, paid for repairmen to enter the houses and fix what needed fixing and improved on the community center. Stories like that give me hope. Stories like that are worth hearing, and yes, stories like that make me teary eyed.

Laugh at me - make fun of me - whatever! I'm choosing to see the brighter side of life.


Sunday, April 18, 2004


I had always wanted a bumper sticker that said this when I was younger. When I finally got one, I didn't want to put bumper stickers on my car anymore. However, I still STRONGLY feel this way.

Just like everyone else in the world, I have been a witness to and a victim of mean people. People who seem to take joy in making you feel bad. People who cause chaos and unrest wherever they go. People who are so insanely thoughtless that you wonder if they were even born with a conscience.

Take for instance a woman at the place I used to work. When I spoke to her, I referred to her as "Evil." I think she liked this name I gave her - she kind of smiled when I said it, like it made her proud or something. She openly admitted that she liked stirring things up and getting people upset. It was extremely obvious. However, now it seems that the "powers that be" at my former employer are starting to listen to "Evil" - to the point that people's jobs are on the line just because she is bad mouthing them. It makes no sense whatsoever that they are listening to this person ESPECIALLY when it has to do with someone's livelihood.

I saw "The Passion of the Christ" last night. It was one of the most brutal things I've ever seen. However the thing that affected me the most was when Jesus was being whipped and the men that were whipping him and the man in charge of the whipping men, were taking joy in the absolute unspeakable agony of Jesus. They were laughing. They were jeering. It was all a big joke. Beating this human being was a joyful thing for them.

Don't even get me started on those that would whip, rape, and kill their slaves or those that would starve, beat and kill the Jews and anyone else who believed differently during the Holocaust.


If I say something to you that might have offended you or came across harsh, I feel guilty for days and I want to apologize and make amends. Therefore, I can't fathom what goes through a being's mind when they do something intentionally to hurt another being.

I would like to challenge you, fair reader. I would like to challenge you to be conscious of what you say and do to others. Be conscious of the consequences of your behavior and of what you say.


Saturday, April 10, 2004

Today is my nephew's 22nd birthday

I remember when M called Mom and I and told us she was pregnant. She said, "I'm gonna have a pup!" I remember it took me a few seconds to register exactly what that meant. M had just gotten married to H and apparently my nephew was a "Honeymoon Baby."

M went through her pregnancy and damn if those Pregnancy vitamins didn't give her hair and nails to die for! I am one of the few people that have a picture of M when she was pregnant. She planned it that way. I don't know why because she was stunningly beautiful when she was pregnant.

Mom was not keen on being called "Gramma" or "Nanny" or anything like that, so she made up what E would call her before he was even born. She decided that she liked "Grams" and even though my nephew would not talk for a couple of years, that's what we called her.

Mom (or Grams) and I got the call that Marti had the baby. We were later told of the harrowing drive to Witchita Falls in the middle of the night. M was in the back seat digging her long nails into the upholstery and cussin' like a sailor.

I couldn't wait to go see him after he was born. I had a nephew! I was an Aunt! How cool was that? I remember looking down at this little human being - he was so new that the last of the umbilical cord had not fallen off yet - and just being amazed. Here was a little piece of all of us wrapped very neatly in this one little boy. I remember thinking that when I was 30, he would be 15. That was just too weird for me to fathom at that moment.

I remember so many little snapshots of his growing up: Him with his sisters, he and his Mom coming to my football games when I was drum major in high school, holidays and being so excited to buy him toys, he and I doing things together in my VW Beatle, trying not to scare him when we were driving during a tornado warning, his sweet smile, his need to communicate lots of information in a short amount of time and he would suddenly stop and say, "Am I talking too much?" He was a precious little boy and I didn't think I could love him any more than I did.

Unfortunately, our Mom and his "Grams" was diagnosed with lung cancer that had metasized to the brain. Mom lived about 30 miles outside of Shreveport where M and E lived. M was running a family and a Office Depot store as a manager, and I was single with no pressing commitments, so I quit my job in Dallas and moved in with our Mom.

Our Mom was a very different person. She didn't like babies. If she could have had it her way, M and I would have been born as young adults. Don't get me wrong - she loved us, but she liked us a lot better when we were older. This was still the same when E came along.

E was a young teenager when Mom was sick. However you would have thought he was in his late teen or early 20's. He was such a good kid. When other kids were rebelling against any kind of authority, he was sitting with his Grams, watching Star Trek movies and visiting her at the hospital.

Yes, Mom was agonizing over leaving M & I, but she had done all she could for us because we were both grown. The hardest thing for her to think about was not being able to be there for E. Our Mother was a writer and before the Cancer rendered her unable to do that anymore, the last thing she wrote was about going school clothes shopping with E and his Mom and how incredibly precious that was to her.

When we realized that Mom was living her last day, my sister, my aunt, E and myself had the honor to be there. We got really lucky in that Mom was put in a double occupancy room and no one was put in there with her, so we basically had a slumber party the last night of her life. We talked and told stories and laughed. We looked over at Mom and swore we saw her smiling when she heard us laughing. The following morning we were all there when she took her final breath. It was exactly as she would have wanted it: all of us there with her.

After our Mom died, I moved to Atlanta. E came to visit me here a couple of times and those are some of the best memories I have of him. We did all the touristy things and by the time he left, he decided that he wanted to go to school there. Too bad he changed his mind about that. I would have loved to have him here.

A couple of Christmases ago, E and I flew into see M when she lived in Ft. Myers. We went to Disney World for a day. We drove down to Key West. We laughed until we thought we'd pee. Oh, and did I mention that Grams was with us? She and her urn were in the backseat buckled in next to me. That was such an incredible time! It was just the 3 (or 4) of us and we had such a good time.

E is now living in Dallas and doing his own thing. He hasn't talked to me since last Christmas, and I hope that changes soon. I love my nephew more than I can express. He is one of the 2 most important people to me in the world.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie. I love and miss you very much!


Friday, April 09, 2004

Yesterday I bought a recumbent bike!

I met G for dinner at this place we like to go that is a "Mom and Pop" version of a Sweet Tomatoes or Souper Salad. We both really love the pasta dish with the corn. We have talked about just taking the container to our table since we both eat a lot of it.

After a nice leisurely dinner, we strolled over to the Sports Authority and G test drove the bikes for me. He talked me out of getting a bike that was $100.00 more and had "bells and whistles" I didn't really need. I picked out a good basic model, went up to the front with my 25% off coupon and paid for it and then G followed me to my house to unload and put the bike together.

I was put in charge of reading directions, handing tools to him and handing bolts, nuts and washers to him. I was very good at my job. He was good at his too because my bike is very well put together. What a team!

When he had finished, I gave him some water, handed him his prize for being such a good egg, (A copy of "The Guns of Navarone" on DVD) and sent him on his way.

Man this thing is big! I didn't remember it looking that big when I saw it in the store! I can still get around it, but it dominates the room!

I took it on a test drive last night. The cats have thoroughly smelled it and don't seem to alarmed by it. I think we are all going to be good friends.
I am looking out my window...

...and enjoying all the green. The trees have now leafed out and I cannot see my neighbors across the way anymore. I could gallivant around nekkid in front the window if I so desired, however, I do not desire to do that today. Maybe tomorrow.

Fred (elder cat) is sprawled out at my feet taking a bath. I look down at her and she looks at me as if I walked in on her in the shower. "What?!" her eyes impatiently say.

The only sound right now is the sound of my typing and the hum of my PC. This doesn't happen often because my neighbors constantly have some noise device going at all times it seems.

My upstairs neighbor is driving me bonkers!!! The slatted wooden floor of her balcony is the ceiling of my balcony. Everyday they empty some sort of liquid out of their backdoor. Do they go to the edge of the balcony to empty the mystery liquid? OH no! They just dump it right in front of their door, which means it spills right in front of my door. When my door is open, it splashes into my house. When the door is closed, it splashes onto the window and leaves a sticky film.

What's worse is that I also believe that they let their dog out on the balcony in lieu of walking the dog. There have been days when I have not been able to open my back door just because the smell of dog pee is SOOO bad.

I went upstairs and asked the neighbors to please pour any liquids over the side of the balcony. She retorted that it was just a little water. I thought to myself, if it's just a little water, why is it sticky and why aren't you dumping the "little water" out in the sink?

Apparently their memory is short. After a short period of time when they dumped liquid over the side of the balcony, they have started dumping right outside the door again. How could someone be so incredibly thoughtless? It makes no sense to me.

They have an "illegal" dog. Our lease expressly forbids "aggressive breeds" of dogs. They have a pit bull that stays in the house 24/7 except when it goes on the balcony or occasionally goes outside for a few minutes. The penalty for having said "illegal" dog is immediate termination of the lease. I have day dreamed about turning them in to the management and them getting kicked out. I can't do that, though. I just can't muster that much meanness.

When I hear them clunking up and down the stairs, I pray they are making so much noise because they are moving on their own. No such luck.

Man, I really dislike living in an apartment. I'm very thankful and grateful for a place to live, but I would really like to have a place of my own someday soon.

So I'm sitting down to write the upstairs neighbors a letter. "Please do not let any liquid of any kind come down on my balcony." To be able to not have to clean some mystery film off my windows and to not have to smell dog pee when I open my door is not too much to ask!


Thursday, April 08, 2004

"Those Who Knew Him"

At the request of J and M, here is the monologue I did at our church last night for a show called "Those Who Knew Him." We were instructed to write our monologues from the perspective of someone that might have known or knew of Jesus when he walked this earth. The following is my monologue.

Did I know him? Yes I did. I will never be the same having been in the
presence of Jesus of Nazareth.

I happened upon him talking to a group of men as I was going to get some
water from the well. When I was able to position myself in such a way that I
could look at Jesus’ face without the men seeing me, I did so. Beauty like I’ve
never seen before stood before me. Don’t misunderstand me – at a glance, he
was an average looking man. However, he caught my gaze for the briefest of
moments and I looked into his eyes – and to look into his eyes was to look into
his soul and to look into his soul was to look into the Promised Land. Then and
there I knew – the stories were true – here stood my Lord. He nodded ever so
slightly as if to acknowledge my thoughts, and then continued speaking to the
men. I was standing there with my mouth open with tears streaming down my
face. Fortunately, I was able to compose myself before I drew any attention to
myself and I ran to get home and tell my husband. Except that he wasn’t

I didn’t see him until the next day and suddenly he showed up with a bag full of
coins. Before I could ask him where he had been, he threw the money at me and told me to go to the market and get proper food to feed his babies. I was
so shocked I stood there for a moment and just looked at him. Without looking
at me he then yelled, “What are you waiting for woman! Be gone with you!” He
had never raised his voice at me before. Before I started to weep, I herded the
children out the door and went to the market as he instructed.

The children and I arrived home shortly before the noon hour and the front door
to our home was ajar. I didn’t think anything of it at first until I entered our
home and saw that it was ransacked. My neighbor ran over and informed me
that my husband was taken away by the Roman soldiers. She overheard them
saying he was arrested for stealing. Stealing? My husband? Then it began to
dawn on me. Where had my husband gotten a week’s worth of wages in one
night? Had he really been so desperate? In my heart of hearts, I knew it was
true. I left my children with our neighbor and went to find out about my

He was sentenced to crucifixion. I followed as they took him up to the hill and
placed him on that cross. My precious husband lay dying above me as I sat at
the foot of the cross. I could do nothing else but wait for my husband to die and pray.

I looked up and noticed a huge crowd coming toward the hill where my husband
and another man were already suffering. Emerging from the crowd was a man
carrying one of the crucifixion crosses. He was stumbling and moving painfully
slow. I saw people wailing and trying to help him. I saw people curse him and

spit on him. As he got closer, I saw that they had placed thorns around his head
and blood and sweat were pouring down his face. Wait – that face looks
familiar. Oh no – it can’t be – Jesus? NO – not my Lord!

Soon my beautiful Jesus – my Lord - was hoisted up on the cross that he carried
himself through the city and up the hill. The two men I loved most in the world
were dying! Dying in an agony that no one should know! Fresh new tears
emerged as I looked up at my now unconscious husband and then toward Jesus.
I shook my fist at the sky and screamed, GOD! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO

I had cried myself dry and screamed myself voiceless; I could do nothing but
slump against the cross where my husband hung. My eyes witnessed things that
still wake me up screaming in the night. In my haze, I heard the 3rd man who
was crucified on that hill that day say to Jesus, “So you’re the Messiah, are you?
Prove it by saving yourself – and us, too, while you’re at it!” I was startled when
I heard my husband’s voice say to the other man; “Don’t you even fear God
when you are dying? We deserve to die for our evil deeds, but this man hasn’t
done one thing wrong.” His gaze shifted to Jesus and he said, “Jesus, remember
me when you come into your Kingdom.” And Jesus replied, “Today you will be
with me in Paradise. This is a solemn promise.” I looked up at my husband. A
look of total peace was on his face. He smiled, told me he loved me and then he
was gone.

Despite my husband being dead, my Lord was still suffering. I could not leave
that hill. I sat quietly and reflected on the words my husband and Jesus had
said. Paradise? My husband in Paradise with Jesus and his Father – Our Father.

I prayed that Jesus’ suffering would soon be over and finally, my prayer was
answered. I heard my Lord shout, “Father, I commit my spirit to you.”

As I slowly walked away from the place where I had lost so much, I thought
about what I had left, which were my precious children. I will not have them
going through their lives ashamed of their father the thief! I will raise them to
hold their heads high because, just as Jesus has promised, their father is in
Paradise Jesus and when it is their time to leave life as they know it, they too will
be there with Him as well. My children are not the sons and daughters of a
thief. My children are the sons and daughters of a Child of God.

What happened to the Cadbury bunny commercials?

OK...it's time for me to give comment about Easter. First, I used to really look forward to seeing the Cadbury Bunny commercials every Easter. You know, the one where all the different animals are auditioning to become a clucking bunny? Either I have not been watching enough television (gasp!), or they are not showing them this year!

I have, however, enjoyed the Toys R Us commercial where Geoffrey the Giraffe is surrounded by hundreds of bunnies singing, "Here comes Peter Cottontail!"

Seriously though, it is easy to get caught up in the commercialism of Easter. Just like it's easy to get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas. A lot of the traditions of both holidays have nothing to do with Jesus Christ and everything to do with Pagan rituals that were incorporated to lure those wacky pagans into becoming Christians. In the last few years, I've been able to move beyond the Commerical Easter and more into the true "reason for the season" which has absolutely nothing to do with Bunnies, eggs, peeps or chocolate.

Those of you that know me, know that I was not raised with any religious background. What I know, I have sought on my own and it was not forced upon me as a child. I had very few preconceived notions about anything having to do with religion. However I knew without a doubt that I believed in God. It just made sense to me.

I did have a lot of questions. I didn't understand why some people thought they were going to heaven or to paradise, but they think that everyone else is just a misinformed fool that is either going to Hell or that both their body and their spirit will die when they pass away.

I didn't understand why people who had different colored skin had to worship in different buildings. It is said that the most segregated hour of the whole week is at 11am on Sunday. I remember as a child I would be watching TV on Sunday morning and come across a church service with a black congregation. I LOVED the way the choir sang. They were not all still and stiff with their little hymnals in front of them. They SANG. They moved their bodies to the music, they belted out their notes, they looked like they were having a good time. I wanted to be in THAT choir. However the color of my skin seemed to prevent me from being able to do that.

I didn't understand why some of the most judgmental people alive are the people that say they are God-fearin' churchgoers. If the Bible says, "Love your Neighbor as yourself," do they really hate themselves that much that they have to be so hateful to other people that do not think, dress, act, love, eat, dance, speak, etc. as they do? How sad!

Finally I walked into a church, at the age of 33, and realized that there are some people in the world that have similar thoughts that I do. They believe that we should live our lives as Jesus did. As I stepped through the doors of the sanctuary, my soul gave a huge sigh of relief and said, "I'm home!" It finally didn't matter what the color of my skin was and who I worshipped with. I was encouraged to move my body and belt out my songs in the choir. Everyone was very accepting of me and everyone else in the congregation. They embraced that there were others that thought, dressed, acted, loved, ate, danced and spoke differently from them. Wow! Thank you, God!

Now, back to Easter: Have you ever really thought about what happened? I mean REALLY thought about it? This man was born and he spent his entire existence teaching people that they needed to love one another and that God loves them. He faced ridicule, he faced betrayal, and ultimately, he faced a horrible death that no being should ever have to endure. Even in the end, he was full of love. As he hung on the cross, he said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." (Luke 23:34) In addition, Jesus comforted the others that were crucified on that day by promising that they would be in Paradise with Him.

Think about it. You've lived your whole life for what you believe. You are betrayed, you are beaten, stabbed, and thorns are put upon your head, you are made to carry your own cross to your own crucifixion, you are hoisted up on that cross and left there to die, however it is a slow and excruciatingly painful death - and still - you have love for those around you. The same people that divided the last of your meager worldly possessions amongst themselves, that spit on you and curse you - you still love these people.

Finally, death comes and the agony is over. "Father, I commit my spirit to you."

However that's just the beginning. Jesus was laid in a tomb to be readied for burial. No work can be done on the Sabbath, so Jesus was to lay there another day. When they came for him early on Sunday morning - he was gone! Just as was predicted, he had risen and gone to be with his Father - Our Father.

Pretty amazing stuff, huh? However, even if you are not a Christian, it's hard to deny the story of a man who's only purpose in life was to teach people to love one another. If this world were to follow that advice, we would be in much better shape than we are now. Looking at what's going on, it is sometimes easy to say, "What's the use?" However, I would like to suggest that, Christian or not, you try to live as Jesus of Nazareth lived. Love one another, do not judge one another, forgive one another.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!



Friday, April 02, 2004

I haven't blogged in a really long time...

...and I hate that because it bothers me when others do not blog regularly. I just have not been feeling very bloggerific lately. I think of something to blog, then I think to myself, "Nah!" and go about my day. However, if I'm going to lament about others not blogging regularly, I guess I'd better blog, huh?

I'm still without a job. It's funny because on my nephew's blog, he and his friends were making fun of having to fill in for the receptionist, saying, "Answering the phone is for simple folk," and referring to the receptionist as a "Retardeceptionist." I wonder if they would feel the same if they were out of work for over 2 months with no prospects in sight and no one to fall back on? Call me "simple" or call me a "retard," but I would LOVE to have a receptionist job right now, if someone would just offer.

There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes.
William Bennett


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