Friday, October 31, 2003

Insert evil laugh here

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Are you dressed up today? I normally don't dress up. I've never been that big into Halloween, however I have always wanted to go to work in my pajamas. So, I thought up the ultimate costume! I'm wearing my pajamas, my bathrobe, my bunny slippers, carrying around a coffee cup with a cell phone hanging out my ear and I'm going to be......drumroll, please!.......a telecommuter!

Then tonight when I come home, all I have to do is take off my bra, and I'm ready for bed! How cool is that?

What are you doing to celebrate or not celebrate Halloween?


Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Sun Hurls Plasma Cloud At Earth.

Ummm...this doesn't sound good. Should we be alarmed? I'm always a bit wary when the sun hurls anything at me.

Just curious!


Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Do you ever have a situation where you look back at what you did or said and feel like a complete putz? I'm experiencing that right now. Sometimes I take the "entertaining" factor of my personality right over the line to "unentertaining," and by doing so, probably make others uncomfortable. I hate making people uncomfortable. I know how it feels and I hate being uncomfortable, so I really do not want to inflict that on anyone else, ya know? I'm trying not dwell on it. I am human and thereby I am tragically flawed, but I hate it when my flaws are so painfully apparent. All I can do is ask for forgiveness and move on. I'm sorry. I hope you'll forgive me.

On a lighter note, you have GOT to check out this website. It is too funny! It's about this big white guy living in Hong Kong and his trials and tribulations. I am a HUGE fan of the "subtitle" part of his website.

I've got some issues brewing in the back of my head. I used to try to explain what goes on in my head to my old roommate. It's like there is a radio on in my head and the volume is turned up just loud enough to where you know the radio is on, but you don't know what is being said. She never understood what I was talking about, but she said she could always tell when I was stewing on something when I played lots and lots of computer solitaire. I must admit my solitaire score has gotten really good lately. Hopefully, whatever my subconscious has been working on will be revealed to me soon!

Today I'm looking at a picture of our Mom and missing her. It was 7 years ago today that she passed away. I remember my sister and I being relieved that she didn't die on Halloween. We thought that would have been too bizarre! I can't believe it's been 7 years. It seems like it was just last week.

What's cool is that my beautiful sister looks more and more like our Mom everyday. On my desk I have their pictures side by side. There are times when I glance at my sister and I see Mom.

If you're Mom is still here with us, call her and tell her you love her.


Sunday, October 26, 2003

OK...we all know I was a big whiney butt last night. As I expected, getting some rest and spending the morning at church got me out of that Pity Party.

It has been an exceptionally long day! I had to pick up the Jana Stansfield, who was our featured musician at church, at 7:15am. It is now almost 8pm and I just got home. Whew!

The weather is all gloomy today. There's a cold front pushing through and there's lots o' rain ahead of it. It would have been a great day to spend the day in bed...preferably with another human...getting lots of exercise! ;^)

However I went to both services at church, to lunch with Jef, (we missed you Merrideth and Bran!) to work and to the grocery store. Now I'm planning on kicking back and relaxing until bedtime! Yay!

I hope all of you have a great rest of the weekend and a wonderful week.

Bye for now!

Pity! Party of one! Pity! Party of one!

I normally try to be happy and thankful and grateful, but tonight, none of those adjectives fit.

I hate being made fun of. You would think by now I would have grown a skin as thick as the earth's crust because I have plenty for people to make fun of: I'm fat, both of my eyes don't look in the same direction, I have humongous boobs, I have a condition called rosacea, and I can't hear. I'm your average fat, red, big boobed girl that you never know where she's looking and you always have to repeat yourself.


Today my skin is about as thick as, say, the skin that forms on pudding. It frustrates me when I feel this way because I know that the things in my life are so inconsequential compared to others. I'm so lucky in so MANY ways, but tonight I'm feeling pouty.

I'm sure that a good night's rest and a morning in church will chase my pity party away. In the meantime, I am thankful for Diet Coke, the love of my kitties, and probably one of the last warm nights of the season.


Saturday, October 25, 2003

So yesterday morning, I sprung up from my bed and hurried because I was running late for work. Not only did I have to do the usual, "decent enough not to make children cry" thing for work, but I had to look somewhat nice because I was going to a party after work.

I walk out the door with a completely uncombed wet head, my make up in a bag in my hand, and praying for green lights on the way to work. Surprisingly enough, I make it to work on time!

The day wears on and finally at the end of the day, I have the time to put my makeup on. When I'm done, I'm looking good and hoping there will be some handsome single men at the party to appreciate my beauty.

I'm talking to my friend Holli on the way over there and I find a place to park in front of Jef's house, turn off the engine and finish my conversation with her. I get off the phone, look up at Jef's house and the windows are dark. I call Jef's house phone - no answer. I call Jef's cell phone - still no answer. 2F's car is not in it's parking place. I stand there in the middle of the street looking up at Jef's house expecting someone to jump out an say, "Ahh, Joan, we were just jokin'!" That never happened. Finally, it dawns on me. I have my days mixed up. The frickin' party is tomorrow night!

I call all of my other friends and considering that it's 8pm on a Friday night, no one is home or answering their phone. I HAVE MAKE UP ON! I WANT TO HAVE MEN MAKE GOO-GOO EYES AT ME! I stop by the Quick Trip on the way home and get a 64 oz Beverage and a pint of B&J and go home to my felines.

Tonight I'm going back to Jef's, and believe you me, I'm calling first!


Friday, October 24, 2003

OK...I just thought I was boring before...now I know. There is a chick out in the world that has a blog called "Pickle Juice." I've mentioned it before, but I just got thru looking in on it again, and once again, it made me almost pee my pants.

Such talent...

However, today I was talking to a YOUNG, HANDSOME friend at work (Yes, Gary, it's true...no sunshine being blown up your arse, either!) about how he was traveling down the Freeway (of love in a Pink Cadillac) and a woman motions to him to roll down his window. He's wondering if he should because (a) he is motoring down the road, and (b) his cat is sitting on his neck. So he smiles and rolls down his window and proceeds to have a conversation with this woman - on the highway - cars are moving - CAT IS ON HIS NECK! All I could do is shake my head.

Today I offered him these words of advice as he left work: "Don't let your pussy hang out the window as you are motoring down the road talking to strangers." He didn't find it nearly as funny as I did. However I have a weird and perverted sense of humor.

By the way, I'm not depressed about not being married anymore. I would just be happy if I could skip to the honeymoon part. Any takers?


Thursday, October 23, 2003

I had a dream last night that I got married. It was a very swanky affair and was a lot of fun and of course, I looked gorgeous. Do you ever have dreams like that and wake up feeling kind of depressed? It's like when reality hits, your body and head just kind of collectively say, "DAMN! It's not really true!" I tried to reassure myself that my dream or something better would happen, but sometimes that's just easier said than done, ya know? I'm sure I'll feel better about it tomorrow.

I am thankful and grateful for the ability to have dreams, for the ability to pay my bills, for my health, my friends and family and the choir. May God bless us every one! :-)


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Last night, (just a few hours ago, actually) Jef was saying something along the lines of, "I see you have quit putting the thankful and grateful at the end of your blogs." Well, let it never be said that I'm not thankful and grateful for something. It never ceases to amaze me all of the great things that get thrown in my direction that I get to be a part of. Simple things, like sharing a meal with new friends.

Last night was the New Member Dinner at church. We had this amazing meal cooked by Bill Dillon and crew. I sat with my fellow new members and we talked about things ranging from how one goes from being Mormon to being in Unity, to the latest thing in ovens.

After our meal, Bill wanted us to stand up and tell a little about ourselves and how we came to be new members of the church. I was really moved by a man who basically told us that after being untrusting of others for the majority of his life, that he is starting to break down those barriers since he started coming to our church. Another man told of how he would be moved to tears at almost every service, but it wasn't that he was sad, he was just so happy! He was constantly having to explain, "I'm alright! I'm just crying for joy!"

These are things that I'm very honored to be witness to.

I had to duck out of the dinner before it was over to go to choir practice. We are working on a rather difficult song that I'm having to learn by ear. I can read music - I know how many beats in a note - I know that an A is an A, but I don't know how to make an A come out of my mouth on demand.

So Allyson and I, who both can only hear well out of one ear, jockey for seats next to our fellow altos that can make an A come out of their mouths on demand. We listen and follow along until we know how it should sound.

After working on the song for an hour or so last night, we gave it one last run through for the night. Finally, our voices blended and sounded so sweet that it gave me chills. I love those moments. My whole body vibrates with a resounding, "Yes! This is why I'm here!"

So, today I am grateful and thankful for simple pleasures and remembering to be cognizant of them. Sharing a meal, hearing a story, singing a song - wonderful things that make life so rich.


Tuesday, October 21, 2003

My sister has put out into the world that chickens pee through their skin. I'm sorry, I refuse to believe that chickens pee through their skin. I need to see the scientific documentation, please.

However, having owned chickens, I never saw a chicken pee, and I never saw a rooster's penis, either.

I did, however, cause coitus interuptus once with a rooster and his lady love hen by beating upon the dog house that was serving as their love den with a Sunday paper. The rooster was none too pleased with me! He chased me around the yard. Meanwhile, Mom just stood at the screen door and laughed her ass off. Finally after I had circled the yard a couple of times, Mom opened the screen door and let me in. She took great joy in relating the story to anyone that would listen for the next couple of weeks.

I forgave the rooster quickly. It took me a while to forgive Mom.


Monday, October 20, 2003

Today I am thankful that Kevin is back at work.

Send healing thoughts to Merrideth who hurt her ankle. I'm sending you a big mental hug, sweetie!

Also send healing thoughts to Gary who has been feeling under the weather for a while and left work early today. A big mental hug for you, too!

Marti's main squeeze John is still not feeling well. He's back to the Doctor tomorrow. I'm praying he will be better soon.

Mechelle and Mike found out that Mike will be shipped out to Iraq after the first of the year. Thank you for protecting me, Mike, but I wish you didn't have to go! Of course you, Mechelle and the boys will be in my thoughts and prayers.

So long for now, amigos!


Sunday, October 19, 2003


Today was such a blessed day. I can't even put into words the feelings I have. For the first time in my 36 years of existence I am a member, body and soul, of a church. I was recognized by the church today and it was such a tremendous feeling. All of the sincere love coming from everyone was really wonderful. As I made my way back to the choir loft, I couldn't help but wish my Dad was physically there to witness it. I know he was spiritually, but having him there in person would have been such a treat. I was so emotional at the wonderful-ness of it all, that I cried through the meditation afterward. It always gets me weepy to sing the Lord's Prayer after the meditation when I've been thinking about my Dad because when I got to see him after he died, that's what I sang to him. I think he approved.

So now, with no hesitation I can truly say that I'm a member of Atlanta Unity Church. I am so thankful and grateful to God for bringing me to this church.

I was feeling kind of torn after the service because I really wanted to go to lunch with Bran, Merrideth and Jef, but I had committed to go to Shepherd Spinal Center with members of the choir to sing for their afternoon service. Since I committed, I got into my car and drove over there, wishing I was laughing and cutting up with my friends at lunch.

However, I walked into their chapel and spoke with the Chaplain and saw the faces of these people that have been through more than a person should and all of my selfishness slipped away. I was clearly where I was needed.

I sat down and waited for the other choir members to arrive and I gently scanned the congregation. People wheelchair bound, and their families sat together. The looks on their faces varied from quiet acceptance of their situation to stunned amazement that they had ended up at Shepherd Spinal Center. For those of you that may not know, Shepherd Spinal Center is where you go when you've had severe spinal or brain injury.

Finally the service started and we sang "Heal Me Back To God," "Total Praise," and "It Is Well With My Soul," in between the bible reading and the Chaplain's talk. By the time we sang our 3rd song, a man who was sitting with his wife, a teenage son and his girlfriend, broke down in tears. He sobbed with so much pain that none of us in the choir could keep from crying. He wasn't so much crying because of his physical pain, but at the pain of his heart and soul. His wife gently held him as he wept.

After the traditional service, those that wanted to could be anointed with healing oil. One of the men, that was also a patient, is an elder in his church and he spoke softly with each person. After that was complete, they would roll forward and be anointed by the Chaplain.

The man, his wife and the teenage son waited for his turn. The teenager clung to his Dad and whispered in his ear as his Dad continued to weep. We were witness to all of this tragic beauty as this family tried to soothe the man's pain.

When all were anointed, we held hands and sang "Amazing Grace." The man's younger son who had been elsewhere during the service came in and his Dad leaned his head on his younger son's shoulder and continued to cry. The poor boy didn't know what to do since his Dad was crying, but he tried so hard to be brave.

After we cleaned up our eyes, we went to several nurse's stations and sang. They put us on the intercom so those that were bedridden could hear us as well. We even got to go into the ICU and sing.

Everyone thanked us for coming and spending our afternoon with them. However it was truly us that were blessed. The faces of the patients, the faces of their families, the faces of the nurses as they soaked in the message of our music was nothing short of Amazing Grace. They touched us as much, if not more, than we touched them.

The strength of these individuals that live in wheelchairs temporarily or permanently is amazing. I'm honored to be witness to this strength in my everyday life in my friend, Bran. He's one of the strongest, bravest, sweetest, most wonderful souls I know. I love you and respect you with all of my heart, Bran. You are one of my all time heros.

I left the Shepherd Spinal Center and drove through downtown Atlanta. I saw all of these happy folks out walking in groups and it dawned on me that this was the AIDS Walk. I'm normally involved in the AIDS walk, but this year it slipped away from me. I smiled and honked and cheered everyone on as I drove slowly down Peachtree St. I silently wondered if these people understood how lucky they are to be taking a stroll down Peachtree on a glorious Sunday afternoon.

Thank you, God for the blessings that were bestowed upon me today.

I am thankful for my church, my health, my friends and family, (both blood and adopted) and glorious Sunday afternoons. What are you thankful for?


Saturday, October 18, 2003

Saturday...if you read my below post, you know how I feel about Saturday. What a lovely day.

Today I threw caution to the wind and booked myself a flight to NYC!!! I found this great fare that I couldn't pass up. I'm off to see Autumn in New York. I'm the last of my family to finally go! I'm only going for a weekend, but it will be a blast. I'll get to see one of my all time bestest friends in the whole wide world, Jonathan and finally meet his main squeeze and hopefully somewhere around there see Times Square and Lady Liberty and Central Park and the MOMA and the Guggenheim and a Broadway play! OK...realistically I may see 1/6th of those things, but just the possibility is exciting!

Life is good.


Friday, October 17, 2003

IT'S FRIDAY! YAY! How I love Friday! The only thing better than Friday is Friday and payday! The only thing better than Friday and payday is Saturday.

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of going to the Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat game. Not only did I go to the game, but I got to be in a suite! Not only did I get to go to the game and be in a suite, but I had some great company as well. What a lucky girl, am I!

Send healing thoughts to my sister's main squeeze, John. He is not feeling well at all, bless his little heart!


Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Tonight I met with my Small Group from church. We meet at Susan and Hugh's house and they are wonderful. Hugh has been out of town and got off the plane, came straight home and to our meeting that was already in progress. Hugh joined us in the den. It was so cool to see this couple who have been married for 20+ years look so happy to see each other! Susan's eyes lit up and she got up and they hugged and kissed. Not just a dry peck, but a nice moist smoochy kiss. I'm looking forward to that happening in my life!

My Mom and Dad were never very affectionate. Honestly, when I think of their relationship, I think that if they were affectionate, Mom just put up with Dad being affectionate with her. So seeing couples honestly and truly being affectionate with each other is so hopeful to me. Hopeful that there are good marriages in the world. Hopeful that I will find one of my very own. I'm certain that it will happen when it's supposed to.

Send healing thoughts to Carrie who's car was rear-ended on 285 tonight. Lorraine! We missed you tonight!

I love Spring and I love Fall. I realize that Fall is the preparation for the dormancy of winter, but it still feels like a new beginning to me. It especially did yesterday as the wind washed the grey clouds from the sky and left them crystal blue and full of diamonds.

For lunch today I went to the Chinese buffet by myself. I steal away from the office from time to time and treat myself to lunch. The waitress sat me by myself at a table for six. She did the same to another lady and 2 men. All four of us were sitting at our own table for six. I kept thinking to myself, "I wonder what we would say to each other if we all had to sit with each other?"

The man at the table in front of me was intent on eating and eating only. He did not once look up from his plate. The man to the right was staring out the window contemplating something. Male pattern baldness? World Peace? Would he get laid tonight? The theory of relativity? The woman across from me was reading a catalog. She occasionally glanced toward me - the woman staring out the window who was thinking about everyone else and what they were thinking.

I love sitting at the airport and watching all the different people go by in the concourse or sitting in the waiting areas. It's interesting to catch snippets of conversation, and surreptitiously look at people and wonder what their lives are like. Who do they love? What do they hate? Do they like peas and carrots? Who are they meeting at their destination? Do they prefer Coke or Pepsi? You know - the important things in life.

Today I am thankful for the time to wonder about "stuff," cool fall days with skies as clear as a bell, Corny jokes told at work, the fact Jonathan wasn't on the Staten Island Ferry, and being witness to hugs and kisses between couples that obviously love each other. What are you thankful for?

Monday, October 13, 2003

Are these guys desperate to win or what? : Sabres name Satan team captain for the first month

Things that make you go, "Hmmmmmmmmm............"

Sunday, October 12, 2003

I love my days at home. I can't deny it. Me and the cats wandering around the house, napping at will, watching TV, fiddle fartin' around on line, playing with my Sims - for me, I need at least one of these days a week and I'm happy as a clam. Yesterday, I was one happy clam!

However today - I'M JUST BLISSFUL! I got the honor of addressing the congregation at the church about why I love my church. I did this at both services. For those of you that know me, you know it was hard for me to be AT the church by 8am, but I was! I can't tell you how wonderful the response was to my talk! It was so incredibly cool! People who I never met before were coming up to me and telling me how affected they were by what I said and hugging me! One guy asked if I spoke in front of people for a living! Merrideth has decided that I will be a minister or some kind of teacher within the next year!!! All of this wonderful love was just flooding down on me and I was drinking it up like a flower in the Sahara! I couldn't stop smiling! It was just the best experience, and all I did was tell my story. Pretty cool, huh?

Just because I asked them, my beautiful friends, Bran and Merrideth, were there cheering me on! Thank you, guys! I love you both! Even though Jef couldn't be there in person, I felt him in spirit. Rocky, you know I love you more than my luggage! Big thanks also to Jackie and her daughter, the members of my Small Group Ministry, the members of my New Member Orientation class and of course, my beloved choir! Knowing that I had your love and support made any nervousness I had disappear.

OK...enough gushing...I could go on all day! :-D

Today (and everyday) I'm thankful and grateful for God. Thank you for gently putting me at the right place at the right time when I found my church home and family. Also, I'm thankful and grateful for my family, both blood and adopted. You are so instrumental in making me the person I am today and I love you so much.

Oh yeah...I did say enough of the gushing, didn't I? Oh well! I'm a woman! I can change my mind!

Friday, October 10, 2003

So I walk out the door this morning and don't have my glasses on. I can either go back and get them and be late to work, or I can live without them and be on time. I choose to be on time. Lo and behold, I enter the hallowed halls of the building I work in and the fire alarm goes off. However I get a stroke of luck when I realize the elevators haven't been turned off yet! I take the elevator down to where our office is supposed to go in an emergency and wait for my co-worker's to wander out. However, since I'm near sighted, I can't see them for nothing. Finally, a shape looks familiar to me and I come upon a friendly face. Yay! The day is saved! It was merely a drill. They've been threatening that it was going happen all week. Now they are threatening us with a drill along the lines of, "Your building has been blown up. What do you do?" I answer that I would go home and thankfully go back to bed, however that was not the answer needed. I guess we'll see soon, huh?

My co-workers thought it was weird that I was walking around the office in my prescription sunglasses. I switched up my answers to their queries from, "I don't want you to see I'm on crack, " and, "My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades." That seemed to satisfy their curiosity because my co-workers have learned to accept that I am a weird girl.

Dick Cheney is such a sunny guy. Always has something positive to say about every situation - NOT!!! I just glanced at CNN.com and the headline of the story says, "Cheney Warns "single day of horror." Nice. At least it's only one day? What else can you say to that?

It just goes to show you, you got to live everyday like it's your last. Not all willy nilly, mind you, but if today was the last day you drew breath, would you have spent it the way you wanted to? Something to ponder...

I'm so glad that Rachel and Joey couldn't get together. I want Rachel and Ross to get back together! I'm still holding out hope that it will happen...for Emma's sake!

Did you see Dr. Corday makin' nice-nice in the back seat of a car with that handsome cocky (pun intended) surgeon? Do you wish as much as I do that Carrie would take Dr. Romano's arm and beat him to death with it? Let's have a show of hands on who thinks that Abby is going run off to Africa to be with Carter and/or become a Dr. since she's putting her career in jeopardy by telling that girl she is gonna die.

God I love "Must See" TV!

Well, my Friday night plans have fallen through so I'm off to watch last night's episode of CSI that I taped and then look in on "What not to wear." Big plans, huh?

I am thankful and grateful for my glasses, the fact the building did not burn down, and that I did not run over any one or anything to and from work. What are you thankful and grateful for?

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Today was a good day! Z-93 came to the office today to help us promote our Giving Campaign. Kaedy Kiley, Adam Caskey and Josh Byrd came up and helped hand out prizes. I think everyone had a good time.

We were supposed to have a fire drill today. I sat outside for a 1/2 hour waiting for it to happen. But alas, it did not. I did however enjoy sitting outside.

I love fall! The weather has been so nice lately. I haven't had the A/C on for a while now and hopefully my electric bill will reflect that.

I found a really cool blog today. It's called Polar Cafe. It's a blog from a woman that is working as a cook at the South Pole. There are some really cool photos on the site as well.

I am thankful and grateful for my Small Group Ministry group, Kaedy, Adam and Josh, and Caesar Salad in a bag. What are you thankful and grateful for?

Woo...look at the time....

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I looked around at some of the other blogs out there in the world and think to myself, "What a wonderful world!" OK...you got me...I didn't really think that. Instead I thought, "Betty," (because that's what I call myself) "People are going to look at your blog and think you are as boring as boring can be!" However, I remind myself (aka Betty) that this blog is for my own edification. I sigh a happy sigh and move right along.

I was very excited that other people love their Sims as much as I do. There are quite a few Sims blogs out there! I haven't spent any quality time with my Sims because I've been quite busy lately. However I'm hoping to make it up to them this weekend. Woo Hoo!

I came across a blog called "Pickle Juice" and that made me all kinds of happy. How could you not love a blog called "Pickle Juice?" It reminded me of that Christmas Party I had in '89 or '90 where I drank an entire bottle of Jose Cuervo all by myself. Oh Lord. Jose Cuervo was not a friend of mine after that. I threw up every hour on the hour beginning about 2 hours after the bottle was empty. It wasn't until I drank some Pickle Juice after noon the next day that it finally stopped. I got sick one more time and then was done. I will forever have a soft spot for Pickle Juice as a result.

Today I am thankful and grateful for Pickle Juice, Gospel Music, MTV and bubbles. What are you thankful and grateful for?

Monday, October 06, 2003

I just got through talking to my friend Merrideth. She has wieners. Not on her body or in her stomach, mind you - but the doggie kind. Merrideth and Bran took a holiday in the NC mountains last weekend and they are back rested and full of chocolate. What more could you ask for in a holiday, I ask you?

Jef is going to the mountains this weekend. When I checked in on him, he and Mark were looking for a cabin in the woods that didn't put them into the poor house. I don't think that's too much to ask.

I need to go somewhere soon. Maybe I'll go to the mountains with Fred and Shelby. You know how well cats travel.

Send healing thoughts to Lou. She fell down go boom on her knee and is kind of on crutches.

There is a Diet Sprite calling my name. I must go attend to it....
I am thankful and grateful for phone calls from people I love, flannel pajamas, the softness of my bed, twilight, and speaking the truth. What are you thankful and grateful for?

Sunday, October 05, 2003

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm very sleepy. Our church was treated to the Wonderful Mr. Wally Amos. (aka Famous Amos) He is an absolute joy and had us laughing and crying and not minding that church went over 30 minutes. The choir sounded wonderful if I do say so myself.

It turns out that "Famous Amos" cookies are no longer made by Wally. However he has started another cookie company called, "Aunt Della's" and they are picking up. They are currently carried by Publix. Keep your eyes open for them.

After church was the New Member Orientation to join the church. I'm so excited that I'm going to be able to join my church! I've never truly been able to say that I had a church home and a church family and now I can! Send me your good thoughts and prayers on Sunday, October 12 because I will be standing up in front of the congregation to tell why I love Atlanta Unity Church. This has nothing to do with the New Member Orientation, but it's kind of fitting that it should happen when it does, huh?

For those of you that know me well, you will understand the significance of this: I went the entire day until 4pm without any caffeine. Lord! I thought I was gonna slip into a coma!

I am thankful and grateful for my sister, my nephew, my cats, my friends and cool fall days. What are you thankful and grateful for?

Welcome to my Blog Site! This is my first posting so I'm a Blogging Virgin! Oooo! I feel so naughty. I hope you'll occasionally tune in to see what lunacy abounds in the Splendiferous World of Joan!

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